Monday, July 8, 2013

July 7 2013. Harrsement of homeowner for the thrid time! Trimble county KY

July 6 2013,I just return from a 3 day 2 night Investigation in eastern Kentucky. After unpacking I checked my emails and messages and found I had two reports . The both reports involved strange activity but one stood out due to the fact I conducted a investigation back in April 2012 when a bigfoot tried to open a back door of a home. And in October 2012 when it returned one evening to peer into the windows of the same home. Well it was late a I decided to contact the witnesses in the morning.
The next morning I contacted both witnesses and informed them I was in route to investigate and that there where two reports and my first stop would be the homeowner that has been harassed.
I arrived at Ricks the homeowner and we sat down and he immediately informed me to what had happen .
Report as follows.

Trimble county Kentucky.
Time of incident 1:30 am.
July 6 2013.

Ricks statement  at around 1:00 - 1:30 am I was awaken from my sleep from loud sounds  from outside. screams and yells as if some on was having a temper Tatum and the sounds of lumber be broken. It wasn't until the next morning when Rick checked on things outside he found one of his peach trees twisted off and found  the grass was smashed down around the tree as if something had been standing there. and decided to report the incident.

Investigation Report.
After arriving at the site and talking to the witness . I immediately began my investigation. Upon examination at 150 yards from the home there is a row of peach and apple trees all bearing fruit except a couple of trees that laid dormant this year it was one of these trees that was twisted and snapped off.. the grass around the said tree was smashed down as if something large had been walking on it. I carefully examined the tree and found it to be sturdy. and on one side of the tree the limbs have been broken an pushed into the same direction as the tree.
My conclusion is something did in deed twisted the tree and further study of area is warranted for the area.

limb on trees shoved around