Monday, July 8, 2013

July 7 2013, Second investigation site Trimble county KY.

On the July 7 2013, after the first investigation I immediately headed to the second site. The land owner informed me of strange occurrences happening on his  property. This site is a area that I've been researching in for the last year. Due to amount of activity at this site.
Well I  started my way into the area where I came upon  a trail that something large had moved through snapping trees off at the seven foot height. and in the middle of this trail some large foot prints. and the area was littered with structure's.
But what really kind of shocked me was this large intimidating  X structure I came upon when I entered the area. There was some odd looking scat which was collected.
Now all the time I was collecting evidence and taking photos and measurements  I had this strange feeling I was being watched by someone or something at one point I shouted  HELLO ANY BODY THERE!  Then it dawn on me that it was so quite. Now the forest has its way of playing mine tricks on you so I shook it off as my imagination.
But while I was taking photos of what appears to be a shelter I hear this sound that resembled speech and I sounded like this "WHAAAA" I looked around in the direction of the sound and didn't see any thing. I swear I heard  it. I finished my investigation and will soon be back at this site to do more exploring and investigating so as I can get a couple more people to help. Now the evidence.