Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bigfoot DNA’

Early this week Eric Berger "SciGuy" A science blogger  in Texas released news on Dr. Melba Ketchum  DNA  findings on Bigfoot.
It started out as Mr. Berger bad mouthing the research the paper and all the research that Dr. Ketchum had done. Until Dr. Ketchum contacted Mr. Berger and offered samples to be tested with a  geneticist of his choosing and until the results are in he would not write about the topic.
Ok here's were thing get weird !
Mr. Berger states that he had a highly reputable geneticist in Texas who he personally knew and trusted. Lets get some things straight  first Mr. Berger is a Meteorologist for a Texas  TV news station and states in his blog he a journalist to boot
Lets get back to this geneticist that Mr. Berger personally knew and trusted In his blog he states that he had to maintain his sources anonymity? Due to the fact that some of his peers would question his engagement on such a topic. Believing it unworthy of valuable research time.
And added But make no mistake he is a top notch scientist at the top on his field.....
 Now remember that folks  Highly reputable and a top notch scientist at the top of his field.
So time passed and Mr. Berger sees his scientist and asked him about the results and the geneticist told him a mix of opossum and other species.
That's the kicker told him didn't show any evidence no DNA profile . Mr. Berger himself hasn't shown any findings on paper or proof to back up any claims. looks like to me a top notch scientist would have data to back up his claim. and also from what Dr. Ketchum has said In response to the latest round of criticism. 1. We did give these folks access to the genomes. 2. They only pulled random sequences and did not look at the whole genomes. The person from UT that did our analysis told me that he never got all of the raw data uploaded to the second lab due to computer problems on the receiving lab's end. 2. I offered raw DNA to this lab so they could extract and sequence themselves. They would not even give the courtesy of a reply. 3. They refused to even speak with me on the phone. The entire thing was completely and totally unprofessional. 4. They never tried to check the analysis done at the University of Texas even though the bioinformatics person put himself at their disposal.
Well  Well   Mr. Berger looks like your buddy scientist has some problems with his lab and fellow scientists
When this story broke automatically their was those out there in the Bigfoot community who lost faith in Dr. Ketchum  well you just listen how many of you have followed Dr. Ketchum's work I have and I will stand behind her work . She has made a lot of scientific wonders happen in the Bigfoot community And if you are goanna listen to a  Meteorologist  who cant even forecast the weather or have a trusted lab tech tell him and not show him the evidence well maybe your heart just isn't into it . That's the problem with the Bigfoot community today there are a lot of people out there who wants to discredit someone's research. But before you pass judgment on someone get the facts straight before you rant and rave about something you don't have a clue about. As for you Dr. Ketchum speaking for myself and many other researchers we stand behind your work and you and will keep on doing so.
 and as for you Mr. Berger the forecast is for chance of meatballs.