Friday, July 19, 2013

Area of research Timble Kentucky July 19 2013

Today we investigated an area of vocalizations. The area has a number of reports of tree shaking sounds of trees falling and tree limbs snapping not to mention the numerous whistles and whooping sounds. and howls.
After trekking across a hay field and a pasture we entered the area. and proceeded to set up base camp. and found us a place to set back and observed the area and listen.
After two hours of heat, flies and chiggers we  heard a branch snapping ahead of us on the trail .
We decided to move on and check the sound out we reached a branch that was freshly broken and measuring from the ground to the break  eight foot and five and half you can see in the photo the leaves were not wilted.
On down we found a tree that had been shoved over
we looked around some more the heat was awful so we decided to leave to come back later.