Friday, June 7, 2013

Tracks found north of Bedford KY

June 7 2013
Just back from a two day investigation north of Bedford, KY here in Trimble county.
 I was investigating a report of vocalizations.  I decided  to search the area and conduct a night investigation with equipment in tow I ventured into some hilly and over grown areas Its when I started walking the side of the ridge When I came upon some tracks which appeared human in shape I followed the trail were I came upon soft and wet ground and the tracks were more clear 20 inches in length and 8 in width the tracks appeared to slide down towards the hill incline not to say I had a hard time keeping my footing then the trail started to change direction and move towards the top of the ridge.upon reaching the top and coming out into a clearing into a area of tall grass I kept to the path and upon the other side.
It was getting late so I decided to pitch camp for the night During the night I conducted some vocalizations and some wood knocking but the night was uneventful upon dawn breaking I made my way back to the tracks took some photos of the tracks and measurements and did a casting I will be going back into the woods and stay longer and with some help.