Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sunday 23 ,June 2013 investigation Trimble county KY. {Part 1}

On Sunday June 23 2013, My self and fellow researcher Mr. Rodney Adams {The Squatchers  KY} We were in a area of Trimble county KY. That has had numerous sightings and vocalization's. The day before I received a phone call from a gentleman that while cultivating his tobacco something large and dark moved quickly down a gravel road. We arrived at the location and immediately began our investigation looking for any sign of evidence. WE came along a wood area with a circular clearing with one tree in the center. with some strange tree structures and tree twist and breaks around ten foot high. the grass was stomped down in one large area
We were unable to find any other signs. So we see up a little experiment we took a small child toy and a Tootsie Pop tied both  items to a string and secured it in a branch around 8 foot off the ground to see if we would get a response. We cant place game cameras in this area due to they ether come up missing or destroyed. It was decided we would return in a few days and see what the result was.

tree bend

branch broken by twisting