Thursday, June 20, 2013

Monday 17 2013 new area of research in Trimble, county KY

On Monday I began researching in a new area. were earlier this year a sighting was reported.
I began exploring deep into the wooded hilly area. The area reminded me of a tropical rain forest the dense vegetation and thick canopy of trees at times the sun was completely blacked out by the trees as I walked along in the forest I was wondering is this what it was like in primal times.
The only sounds was of crows calling out warning every thing in the forest that I was there.
Well several hours passed and I decided it was time for a couple of energy bars and water as I sat there an looked around I noticed something hanging in some trees upon closer inspection I discovered that this limb was placed in these small trees around nine to ten feet off the ground  and as I said placed due to the fact that the only tree in this certain area  that could support it was at least seventy five yards away. So I continued on looking for signs, scat.
As I was walking that primal sense that we all have became alert it felt as if I wasn't alone or something watching me the hairs on my body rose and I got that slight chill run Thu me. I ignored it and continued cautiously
then right there was a large tree structure as you can see in the photo.
I examined these structures closely and found that these massive trees were dragged in place.
I sat out  looking for any kind of evidence hair, tracks anything then there was this crashing of a large tree in forest at first I thought it was just a dead tree that fell and a few minutes late another crashing of a tree falling then off in the distance you could here what appeared something large moving Thu the brush. I continued to stand there peering into the dense forest looking for any type of movement and wasn't able to see anything . I reached into my back pack and retrieved the binoculars I always carry and scanned the area for a good half hour hoping to see anything that moved .
Then more trees falling  and there was this wail and moan that went though me like someone took there finger nails to a chalk board. and right after that a large object was thrown in my direction and hitting the ground with a large thud. This was my cue that something didn't want me in this area. I packed up my things and slowly exited the area occasionally I could here something moving parallel from me. about half way out it was gone. I'm not going to say that it was a Bigfoot due to the fact I didn't see it but something was knocking over trees . and something had thrown something at me and followed me out of the woods. and what made the structures. I leave it up to you to decided.