Monday, June 3, 2013

Concerning The Bigfoot Howl Caught On Video In Trimble County KY.

On Friday May 31 2013, I talked with Rob Wagner by phone. Mr Wagner lives in Trimble county and works with horses he shoes and trains them.and that what he was doing in February. Mr Wagner states that when working with the horse in the video he heard the howl and stated he never heard any thing like that before he also stated that he was a pretty good size man and after hearing the howl the his hair raised and a chill went Thu his body.After the incident Mr Wagner was working with two horses the on in the video and and a second one Mr Wagner stated that both horses were unable to work with after the howl from being spooked.Mr Wagner also stated that he had taken the video to several hunters in the county and try to identified what animal made the howl. But was unable to do so.Now Mr Wagner made this statement when I stated that this could be a possible Bigfoot.
I'm on the fence concerning that Bigfoot exist.
But as far as the area there has been several sightings and encounters in this certain area of Trimble county since October of 2012 to now June 2013.