Sunday, May 5, 2013

Strange object caught on game cam

On may first 2013,I collected all my game cam Sim's cards and replaced with new ones.While pondering over them I had deer and raccoons and a turkey or two then I came to this one frame that I couldn't explain so A research associate analyzed the picture and came to the same conclusion that I did that this object was a orb know Ive have had some camera problems at this sight before with strange lights and pictures being taken and nothing but blank space on the card and pass it off as a bad game cam or Sim's card so I replaced it twice.I know what you'll thinking its a portal were a Bigfoot will emerge.Yhea! I heared the stories too.
and for some one to believe in Bigfoot should believe in this to. well I don't rule anything out but it would to be me seeing one come out of one of these orb's to really comprehend and to agree to this theory. for whats in the picture I haven't a clue. Some others say aliens who really knows I don't but I'm gonna study this a little closer and see what information I can get.
 Shakespeare wrote that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of.
And he is correct.