Sunday, May 5, 2013

November 2008 sighting

My wife crystal has finally agreed to let me tell about her sighting.But first let me tell you a Little about Crystal she has several degrees and has been a child therapist and manger over adults education in Trimble county.She is one of those type of people who you have to show that's its real .She doesn't believe in Bigfoot,U.F.O.'s or ghost. But she supported me in my research thinking it gives him something to do until one night.Crystal was leaving her sisters home in Louisville KY it was late in November A cold night. the drive from Louisville to Bedford Ky was uneventful as usual.Until she drove pass the McKinney farm on US 421 where on the right side of the road she seen this large hairy thing standing next to the road and as she passed she said it was close enough to the road  she was afraid of hitting it .Crystal wasted no  time in get home .upon her arrival I met her at the door were she Begin to describe the events of what she saw. she explained to me that it stood like a man and was extremely hairy and bulky looking and tall taller than a road sign that was there . After speaking with her for about and hour I drove to the spot and with flashlight in hand looked for tracks or signs there was no snow and the ground was frozen hard as cement and didn't find any thing.Now I believe my wife saw something on  that road and if you ask her about it today she we replie I don't know what I saw for I cant explain it. for I cant comprehend the thing I saw.

T Shay