Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mr.Robert Lindsay was scammed...there is no federal warrant out for the arrest of Rick Dyer .

  Update on the Rick Dyer federal warrant!
  We have checked into this story further and have determined that there is no federal warrant out for the arrest of Rick Dyer for interstate and wire fraud. However, the explanation is not as cut and dried as it seems, and it is understandable how this fake story got going.
First of all, A group of Dyer haters probably associated with the notorious Don Boucher and a group of people around him impersonated a prominent member of Rick Dyer’s Team Tracker and pretending to be this person as a source to me, planted a fake story with me saying that the FBI raided Dyer’s house on April 25 and took three of his computers. They also said that Rick and Lily Dyer are lawyering up to fight the charges, and Musky Allen and Cindy Pinkfoot are also under investigation for the same charges and are worried about going to jail. The story said that the FBI said that there is no Bigfoot body and that everyone who bought a Team Tracker membership was defrauded.
None of this is true.
It’s all made up by Don Boucher, etc. in an effort to smear Dyer and probably also to make me look bad as an unreliable source and as a “guy who will print anything.” The Team Tracker member was contacted and affirmed to me that they had not been emailing me. A fake account with Hushmail had been set up in this person’s name, and that is how I thought it was them. This TT member was angry about being impersonated and wondered if there was any way that they could retaliate.
We had sources look into these charges to see if there was anything to it. Originally a source who is a bail bondsman reported back to us that there was indeed a warrant out for Rick’s arrest on these charges. I had Steve Kulls try to reaffirm that via additional information and Steve found that there is actually no federal warrant out for Rick’s arrest on those charges. Instead, there seems to be an old federal warrant out for Rick’s arrest on interstate commerce and wire fraud charges stemming from an Ebay fraud case in which Rick was arrested in Texas recently. The charges in that case would indeed have been interstate commerce and wire fraud. So this may in part explain the confusion.
In addition, the Dyer haters centering around Don Boucher have been trying to get the authorities to file charges against Dyer for interstate commerce and wire fraud in connection with Rick’s claim that all Team Tracker memberships were going to help the homeless. Instead, Rick apparently is not going to give one dime to the homeless and instead he is going to pocket all of the money himself, as he puts it, “to buy myself a new Corvette.” The people around Dyer who are pressing this complaint say that authorities have opened an investigation into these charges, but there is no way to confirm that, and law enforcement doesn’t usually comment on ongoing investigations anyway.
Apologies for anyone who got confused, but I got played here. This is actually the first time that I have proven that a false story was planted with me, despite many claims that this has been going on forever. I only have a few sources, and I trust them very well and have an excellent relationship with them. New sources are not common at all. It looks like now that people are planting fake stories with me, I am going to have to vet out future sources a lot more carefully. Needless to say, planting false stories with journalists is unbelievably unethical. It doesn’t happen a whole lot thank God, and if it were happening all the time, the whole media would probably have to shut down.
Society only functions when there is a basic glue of trust and honestly at some level. Without that, everything falls apart, and you end up with 3rd World Hellholes, failed states, etc. Think about most of the human relationships you value in life. Could these relationships continue to function if you or the others in your life were lying half the time and telling the truth the other half the time, with no good way to sort out the lies from the straight up? Face facts, if that was going on, most if not all of the relationships in your life would be ripped to shreds.