Thursday, May 2, 2013

Investigation site Mount Pleasant, Trimble County Kentucky {Part 3}

 Now following the tracks I came upon what appears a nest that measured  10ft x10ft the grass was laid over as bedding.and in the bedding area were bones of what was left of a deer as you will see in fig 4

 Now  I have been back deep in the woods for about four hours.and upon examining the bones there was this loud crack! crack! the sound of wood upon wood very close in the area in which I was in. So I settled in took out my camera and sat there I already had it in my mind I was going to get a photograph of this animal.After about a half hour I heard a whoop! in the distance. By now I was excited then it dawn on me that the very forest that I was sitting in was dead silent no birds singing nothing.and by now I felt as I was being watched the hairs on the back of my neck and arm stood up.That's when I position myself so I could see if any thing was moving up or down the trail my back to a valley and I faced a valley over looking another ridge top for if anything moved up the steep incline I would here it coming.And all of a sudden a squirrel stated chattering a   caring on as it was trying to run something off. As I scanned the 
opposite ridge were all the commotion was coming from I seen 
 some movement and immediately snap a picture.  and this is what I  caught. fig 5.and 6
   Not sure what it is but there was some movement.                                                   
fig 5