Thursday, May 2, 2013

Investigation site Mount Pleasant, Trimble County Kentucky {Part 1}

May 01,2013

Today I was asked to investigate an area just west of Bedford Kentucky. Just off  Mount Pleasant rd in Trimble County Ky. I was informed that something large was roaming the area. A large black shape?By Email signed "Anonymous".
So I followed the directions to the site.After gearing up I made my way back into the wooded area about a mile back in the interior I stumbled across some interesting tree formations blocking my path as you can see in these pictures.
As I continued I noticed these saplings were bent over across the path to the west where as all the
other trees are leaning to the east.
Now remember these photos because we will come back to them later. fig1
By the way this used to be a county road along time ago.
now as i went on I discovered some strange formations made out of branches as you will see here below fig 2.