Sunday, May 12, 2013

Devil Monkeys ?

What are Devil Monkeys you ask,well I heard of them before and there is a lot of controversy over the subject here in the Bluegrass state. For one quite of few researchers here in the state dismiss the idea.and two there are so few reports on them. Devil Monkeys from the description stand six to seven feet tall.covered with hair  and walk bipedal just like a man there face resembles that of a monkey with the fangs and a bushy tail"And are extremely violent in nature.
The first report was in 1945 from Paintsville, Ky.where  a fisher man who was cleaning catfish when he was attacked and mauled by a man size creature which resembles a monkey  ,then fled with the catfish back into the woods.
In 1978 a Albany farmer charlie Stern witness a man size creature with a monkey and man face and a bushy tail kill one of his livestock .Mr Stern fired several  gunshots at creature before it ran off .Later that year several wittiness in Trimble, county Ky .west of the city Milton KY.observed three man monkey creatures ranging in sizes of 7 foot 6 foot and 4 foot walking adjacent of the Ohio river and a tobacco field. .wittiness reported that the larger one of the three became  violent when approached snarling and growling holding its ground until the other two were a safe distance away and it to fled.
 These to were reported to ape-human faces and a bushy tail .   There are several reports of ape like creatures from Canada and Thur out the United States and South America.   standing between 6 and 8 feet tall with barrel chest and baboon or dog like face with foot prints eleven to 16 inches long and having three toes.Most of these three toe creatures are found deep in the Southern United States.  But recently here in the bluegrass area between Carrollton Ky and Easterday  Ky. A set of three toe tracks were found  measuring 13 inches and the reports of something hairy wondering the woods . So does Devil Monkeys live in the woods of Kentucky . the Cabinet of fish and wildlife in there on words there are no such thing as.Devil Monkeys in Ky. But I have to differ because something is traveling Thu our woods as such Bigfoot goat man or dog man maybe devil monkeys this is up for you to decided.