Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vocalizations mile east of Bedford Kentucky.Trimble County

Last night April 8 2013, I began an investigation in a area one mile east of Bedford, Kentucky.
In this area we have found several deer kills with legs broken and being eaten upon.with one kill the legs were actually ripped from the body.Also in the area we found markers tree saplings pulled over and jammed  into the ground.
So I decide to conduct a night time investigation and this time my father wanted to go.Now my father is one of those people who is a non believer he has to see it for it to be real.
just before dark we sat up on the edge of a hay field to monitor the tree line.
At around 10:30 pm I started call blasting and wood knocking.
While we were sitting there in the night listening and luck was with us a response a wood knock! not just one a couple.
Then a long low howl and then it sounded as if all the coyotes in the area was agitated with all there barking and howling then came the scream yell which wasn't coyote or dog.
I estimated the scream was at least three hundred yards away and it was so blood curling it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and a chill ran though my body for this scream we heard was more of a aggressive statue.
We searched the area with our night vision gear but was unable to find any thing.
We continued to monitor the area for a few more hours with no more activity we packed it up and as for my father the experience of last night made him a believer that something lurks in the woods of Trimble, County.
Follow up note: Here in the last three months vocalizations have been numerous in Trimble, County being caught on tape.and by groups of people.
April is the start of increase activity in Trimble County. with the weather nice and warm and more people out and about farming,walking and taking evening drives.
The amount of vocalizations is some what of a mystery.which needs more studies,but if you ever here the vocalizations it will change your out look about what lives in the woods.
We are planing another night investigation in the same area.
If you have any stories of vocalizations or sightings contact me at 502 467 0000 or email me at thomasrshay@gmail .com.I would like to talk with anyone about there encounter.and would like to share it with the readers of this blog.

thank you