Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Waddy Creature Attacks Again !

 April 23 2013

Well the Pit bull that was supposedly attacked the animals back in December isn't the culprit and is back with its owners.Why do you say? Wesley Sanford a farmer on ditto road in Waddy Ky found his calf dead but not eaten on his farm. As we know the attacks stop just as quickly as they began After four months there have been no attacks until now and every one says its a dog. OK I had a neighbor that owned a dog that killed chickens every morning the dog would make its way to the chickens and would kill not one but many until you ran him off and not only would the dog kill he would also play and chew on the dead animal until I would run him off. This happen repeatedly day after day until we had no more chickens.We didn't buy any more chickens but that old dog kept coming back to the same area looking for the chickens for months cause ounce an dog gets the taste of animals blood its ruined it has to have it.
I really cant see a dog going after a full grown bull with out injures.This creature in waddy is Territorial  in nature it kills and moves on to another area were as it comes full circle to the same area.Recently there have been a lot of deer kills reported to me some eaten some not. I have found three kills recently and signs of something dragging them in one area and all the animals had there legs twisted from there body's and one was partially eaten on. As the others were  mutilated. But what ever this creature is  maybe it killed the calf and was scared off. or was coming back later to retrieve the animal.This is just my theories and thoughts as to whats happing but really the only way to find out is to stake the area out and investigate.day and night.Maybe when the samples are tested what we are dealing with or will that get swept under the rug and nothing more comes of it. Only time will know.
For now understand if you aerback in the woods around Ditto rd remember that something dangerous is lurking in the dark.