Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just some of the emails I received

1.  Thomas, I live on Morton Ridge Road and have never seen one of these creatures, but last fall I heard the strangest sound like nothing I've ever heard before. It didn't sound human, nor animal either. I don't know what it was and had not an inkling at the time that there have been Bigfoot sightings in Trimble County and in this area on Morton Ridge. I'm fascinated by all this and the recent articles in the Trimble Banner.

2.   Hi Thomas! Thanks for the update. I've heard no more howls near me here on Morton Ridge, but Milton is not far from here. I watched the video with the "howl" and though I could barely hear it, it did sound similar to what I heard last Fall. Hope you've made some progress on seeing to it that these creatures are protected

3.  What my wife & 2 daughters seen in the State Park was a smaller animal. About 3-4 feet tall , hairy & walking upright but with a limp or dragging one leg. Where it crossed the road at the area it went into is a huge hill & almost straight down. A couple of times walking my German Shepherds on the park trails they both acted very scared & kept looking behind me. During the summer on 2 different occasions hikers found what appeared to be bear tracks & reported them to the park ranger. Now it makes me wonder if prints belonged to whatever the prints were on the hood of the truck.. You stated there has been sightings in the Butler State Park in the past. Did you ever investigated the sightings?.Let me know if anything I can do to help you.

These are some of the reports and emails and that not counting the in person reports.