Friday, April 26, 2013

Just A little post about the waddy attacks.

This evening as I was pondering over my files I came across some notes I wrote down a few years ago .And after reading and studying for hours an incident just like this happen 50 years ago.Trimble County is certainly no stranger to its own “Bigfoot” reports. Residents who lived here during the summer of 1962 likely recall the sensation caused by odd livestock mutilations. First-hand Patton's Creek and Hickory Grove reports described a shaggy, unidentified night walker. The Associated Press picked up the creature story, and curious tourists swarmed Bedford for weeks.
I know what you are thinking and I'm not saying its a Bigfoot.But its strange to have A similar event happen even 50 years apart. Just something for you to ponder. Read the complete story about the sightings and happings in waddy and go and check out the Trimble County Monster story of 1962 here on this blog and you might see some similarities. and you can make your own conclusion about The Waddy Beast.

Thomas Shay