Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bigfoot News April 29, 2013 Part 2 . Update on the Rick Dyer fraud investigation. by Robert Lindsay

Bigfoot News April 29, 2013 Part 2

Update on the Rick Dyer fraud investigation. This story is unfolding and changing rapidly and will probably change even more in the near future. The sad part of it is that I got played by some Dyer haters who impersonated a Dyer Team Tracker member and fed me the story about Dyer being investigated by the FBI. They created an email account under the name of a TT member and then impersonated the guy. I suspect Don Boucher and those around him for that skullduggery.
However, at least part of the story seems to be checking out. I had one of my sources, who is a bail bondsman, look up the federal warrants. He has access to some sort of law enforcement (LE) system where you can look up warrants that most folks do not have access to. There is indeed a federal warrant out for Rick Dyer’s arrest for wire and interstate fraud, and the warrant is dated 2013.
There is an Internet page (that might be difficult to access) that shows the federal warrant out for Dyer’s arrest, but I haven’t been able to get a screenshot of it yet, and an Internet address may not be available as it may be a service only for LE or it may be a pay service. Although the bail bondsman is an excellent source, we are trying to check it out with other sources to verify it.
Whether the warrant has been served or not (in that case, Dyer no doubt would have been arrested) is not known. Dyer may have already been arrested on this charge and may have simply posted bail and gotten out. And it is not known whether or not the FBI is involved, although it is a federal warrant.
What we do not know for sure is why the warrant is out, that is, exactly what is the nature of the fraud Dyer is accused of. The haters fed me a story saying it was about Dyer not having a Bigfoot body, but we don’t know that. If I were guessing, I would say that it revolves around Dyer collecting money for memberships and promising it all goes to charity when in fact it is apparently going to buy him a new Corvette at the very least.
There is also no confirmation that the FBI called up those who bought memberships, and this seems dubious as the FBI does not operate this way. It is also dubious that TT members or those who bought memberships are worried about going to jail. I also cannot confirm that Lily Dyer, Cindy Pinkfoot or Musky Allen are under investigation or worried about going to jail.
I would suspect that they are not under investigation and are probably not worried about going to jail. There is also no confirmation that Rick’s home was raided on Thursday and three computers were seized, although it is possible if there is a warrant out for him. As all of this information came from the impersonator, it must be regarded as suspect.
A good theory on why the feds are going after Rick Dyer for fraud. I think it is dubious that the fraud is related to Dyer not having a Bigfoot body. In fact, we don’t even know that it is related to selling Team Tracker memberships. The problem with that theory is that Team Tracker memberships are still being offered for sale. It may instead be related to something else altogether, such as Rick’s exceedingly sleazy Ebay used car sales business. Here is the theory from the comments.
Notice interstate fraud could be in regard to Mr Dyer’s duplicitous dealings on E-Bay. If the Bigfoot website is still up, and it was a few minutes ago when I checked, the warrant is not for the Bigfoot stuff.
Rick Dyer seems to try to be some type of rare or collectible automobile dealer. I would bet that the two Corvettes he didn’t deliver for example would be worth enough to get the FBI involved, especially if one of the cars turned out to have been stolen, and Rick obtained a false title. Together those would account for more money than all his subscriptions combined.
Conversation between Tom Biscardi and Morgan Matthews. Matthews of course is the director of the Shooting Bigfoot which will air tomorrow nite, April 30, 2013, in Toronto, Canada for the very first time. Matthews called Tom up a couple of weeks ago. Here is how the conversation went:
Matthews: Hey, Tom! Guess what? We are releasing your Bigfoot footage along with a few other Bigfooters in a new movie called Shooting Bigfoot that will premiere in Toronto, Canada in a couple of weeks!
Biscardi: Yes, I have heard about this…Can you tell me…Did you shoot a Bigfoot? Do you have possession of a Bigfoot?
Matthews: No, Tom, I definitely did not shoot a Bigfoot, and I for sure am not in possession of a Bigfoot.
Biscardi: Well then,in regard to anyone else associated with this movie, did they shoot a Bigfoot or are they in possession of a Bigfoot? For instance, Rick Dyer?
Matthews: Hey, I am sorry, Tom! But I just can’t comment on that! You’re going to just have to see the movie, ok?
Biscardi: Grumbles.
Biscardi maintains that Dyer is hoaxing this whole thing about shooting a Bigfoot. Furthermore, Biscardi is not on good terms at all with Dyer. It is safe to say that Biscardi is pretty high up there on the Dyer Haters List, though the competition is ferocious.
Biscardi is also not happy at all with being included in this movie and accuses Morgan of lying to him about the purposes of the movie. Tom thought he was going to be in his own movie, but instead he was thrown in with Dyer, Dallas and Gilbert, all three of whom Tom has nothing but utter contempt for, regarding Dallas and Gilbert as idiots and Dyer as a crook. The way Tom sees it, his name and brand is damaged via association with those three.
I told Tom that he was about to become a lot more famous than he already was, but that hardly mollified him, and he continued bellowing into the phone until I eventually let him go. At this point, Tom is one unhappy Bigfoot camper.
Interesting post from the comments about Hank’s behavior.
I think his group have a body.
In large part I think that because of the description of Hank after the first shot was fired. The behaviors described are not those you’d expect from an animal running away but have happened before with Bigfoot.
From what I know about gunshot wounds, if a bullet passes through all soft tissue, the target may not even have been aware it was injured because there is no pain for up to several minutes. I assume a running animal would not look down to see the blood. Even if it did it would keep running because it didn’t know better. That is important in and of itself but more so given Hank’s actions after the first shot. So Hank was functioning on adrenaline and at that point may not have realized he was wounded.
The unusual behavior is that he circled back. Animals don’t normally so this. Neither do guys in suits. When animals run away, they make a straight line away from danger – they don’t go just out of sight and then loop back to get where you aren’t looking. This is a behavior by Bigfoots that has been reported before. But since most encounters don’t include people shooting at Bigfoots, it isn’t seen all the time.
There is a place for people to, as the pompous-haired Matt Moneymaker says, “Spend time in the field,” but there is also a place for people to look at reports and see what those reports tell us of behavior. I’ve read 100′s, maybe 1000′s, of reports of Bigfoot sightings.
In several encounters where a Bigfoot was frightened away by one person in a group, instead of running directly away, it doubled back and either tackled or ran through someone else in the group. I don’t think the Bigfoot realized there was more than one person in the group oftentimes and was simply moving fast and not looking where it was going. I wish I had links to some of these reports, but I don’t and I’m sorry.
But the description of Hank running away and then doubling back – where they wouldn’t be looking for him – just rings true as it were with some of the reports I’ve read but is not something I’ve seen commented on. Tell me, would a guy in a suit who Dyer was shooting blanks at come back and tackle a cameraman? That must have been some suit to have fooled the Minnow cameraman that close up. If that happened, could Dyer shoot his suited accomplice to not reveal the hoax and get away with that? Once again that is a real good suit.
Also Minnow may not have said, “Yes, he shot the thing,” but if it was a fraud or hoax Dyer was pulling, they would sure said that. It would have sold the film either way. But if this is a hoax then Minnow films was knowingly involved in the whole thing, and you have to ask, “What’s in it for them?” The answer is nothing. That Minnow Films has not come out and categorically said, “This was a Dyer hoax he was tricking us,” means they did not perceive a hoax.
A few last observations.
Nailing ribs to the tree was good move and one the three idiots and Cliff Barackman should try on their TV show. It puts the food where small animals like racoons, dogs or even birds would have a hard time getting to but where a tall creature with hands could. That Bigfoot sometimes raid pigpens makes pork an obvious choice I would think.
I don’t know about San Antonio but where my parents live farther West has been in a three year drought. The area where Dyer claims to have shot Hank is newly developed. It is possible that with the development and the lack of water, Hank’s normal routes to exit the area were blocked. He may have started coming into the camps simply because he was starving. That would also explain why he came back after being frightened off the first time.
I especially like the part about the very odd behavior of doubling back and running into Morgan. That Bigfoots have been reported as doing this before is very interesting, and certainly other wild animals don’t engage in this behavior. And it would be the last thing a man in a suit would think of doing too.
I am not completely sure why the Bigfoot was hanging around in this fairly inhabited area, but it would not be the first time. There is a recent report from a Seattle suburb of a Bigfoot dumpster diving at a trash bin outside a hospital at midnight. It tripped on a curb while leaving the area. What is needed is a densely wooded area close to the inhabited region, and in this case, there was a deeply wooded ravine that the Bigfoot used to access the dumpster.
As suburbs continue to expand out into wild areas, humans are coming into contact with more and more wild mammals, including mountain lions, bobcats and especially coyotes.
Where I lived in the Sierra foothills was a fairly inhabited region that was also frequented by raccoons, spotted and striped skunks, opossums, porcupines, woodrats, field mice, voles, flying squirrels, shrews, bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions, ringtails, black bears, deer and a variety of other mammals. There were many nesting birds, and birds of prey were commonly sighted, including Goshawks and all sorts of owls. A wide variety of reptiles, snakes and amphibians were also sighted in the region. All of these wild  critters living side by side with humans in a town of 15,000 people!

by Robert Lindsay