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Bigfoot News April 29, 2013. FBI says Rick Dyer does not have a Bigfoot body! by Robert Lindsay

Bigfoot News April 29, 2013

FBI says Rick Dyer does not have a Bigfoot body! I just received this breathtaking news that the FBI states that Rick Dyer does not have a Bigfoot body. They are calling up people who bought memberships in Rick’s Team Tracker. The conversation goes something like this:
FBI: Do you realize that Rick Dyer does not have a Bigfoot body?
TT member: Um, no, I think he does have one.
FBI: Did you buy a gold membership?
TT member: Yes, I did.
FBI: Well, you were lied to. You were defrauded. And we may have to call you to testify against Dyer.
People who bought memberships are upset and worried about going to jail. In addition, Musky Allen has been going around aggressively questioning everyone who he suspects of being the mole or leaker, trying to ferret him out. My source was very worried that they would be discovered, and is also worried about going to jail. In addition, other Team Tracker members may also be under investigation, but this has not been confirmed.
This of course is very bad news for those of us who believe that Rick Dyer did indeed kill a Bigfoot recently. In fact, I still believe that he did kill one. But his news is a huge shot in the arm for the deniers who insist that Rick has been hoaxing the whole time.
However, I am an honest reporter and an honorable man, and if it turns out that Dyer has been hoaxing us the whole time, I will be the first person to report it. That this will make me look bad is of little concern to me as an honorable journalist is not concerned about a changing story.
I confess I cannot reconcile the FBI’s statements, if true, with my belief that Dyer killed a Bigfoot. Part of the reason is that I have a source at Minnow Films who told me that the Dyer story is true. In addition, I have been told that Morgan Matthews would not be a party to any hoax on film. This still leads me to believe that there is a dead Bigfoot somewhere.
Don Boucher reported similar accusations against Rick Dyer. At 2:30 AM on Friday, April 26, 2013, Don reported that Las Vegas and federal authorities were both investigating Dyer for wire fraud and racketeering. He tweeted this after the FBI raided Rick’s home in Las Vegas only the previous afternoon. Don Boucher is a very scurrilous person and has hoaxed himself numerous times in his zeal to go after Rick Dyer, but this time he looks like he is correct.
Rumors of investigations against Dyer a couple of months ago. I and one of my sources heard rumors of a local (Las Vegas or Nevada) investigation against Rick Dyer on fraud charges. It looks like those rumors may have been valid.
Investigations underway to validate FBI rumors. One of my sources is conducting an investigation into the FBI rumors to try to validate them. The investigation will last 2-3 days. At the moment, all I have is one source from deep inside the Dyer camp who told me this story in addition to Boucher, who honestly is not a very good source due to repeated lies.
Dyer’s latest accusations against Shawn Evidence and me. The video is here. I suppose I should clear up a few things. Dyer data-mined that “pervert” statement somewhere from this site. It is true that I have lived my life as a polymorphously perverse individual and a libertine. In that sense, sure, I am a pervert. But I guarantee that I draw the line at kids of course, and I don’t do anything illegal anyway in sexual terms and haven’t since I was a very young adult. Not that that is important to anyone who reads these reports, but I may as well respond to charges.
Rick Dyer arrested in Oklahoma/Arkansas. Dyer was arrested on the border of these two states and charged with auto theft. The charges are murky, and no one knows what really happened. Dyer claims it was all a misunderstanding involving expired registration or something to that affect. Dyer was towing a vehicle from Oklahoma to Arkansas at the time.
Every time Dyer gets arrested, he moves to another state. He got arrested in Florida, and he left Florida. He got arrested in Oklahoma, and he left Oklahoma. He got arrested in Texas, and he left Texas. This is the pattern of a grifter or con artist. It is also the pattern of a lot of other criminal types, but that need not concern us here.
Dyer involved in bid chasing on Ebay. Before he was arrested for Ebay fraud for failing to deliver two Corvettes to a buyer, Rick was engaging in what is known as bid chasing on Ebay. This is unethical and possibly illegal. At any rate, it is a violation of Ebay’s Terms of Service.
Rick would bid on his own items, artificially driving up the price, and would get into fake bidding wars with real bidders to once again bid up the price. You think you are bidding against a real competing bidder, but really you are bidding against the seller himself, Rick Dyer! It’s pretty much fraud, but I am not sure if it is actually illegal or not. But it sure is sleazy!
Excellent analysis of the Shooting Bigfoot trailer by Facebook Find Bigfoot.
Shooting Bigfoot Trailer + 19 reasons it will be real.
Two Days left…. Here are nineteen elements in the “Shooting Bigfoot” Trailer corroborating #2 Tent/Camper and Dyer’s subsequent story. (Thanks to all who helped compile this list)
1. Dyer and Matthews are both in the film. Why would Morgan Matthews perpetrate a HOAX after an unblemished 20-year career, moreover validate a second Dyer hoax. Do you think Dyer has the persuasiveness to win over Morgan and then keep him quiet for 7 months?
2. Morgan yelling out, “Don’t shoot it!” at the very end of the trailer.
3. There is a shot at the end, indicating a gun is fired on the expedition. The poster also has smoking barrels.
4. Two thumps can be heard after the shot.
5. Dog with throat cut/opened matches JR Bob Dobbs’ 2013 investigation, as well as his report that a British film crew was present.
6. Ribs in a tree are shown- just as Rick said to FBFB in September but not disclosed til November.
7. The shot of the tent and the tent window – hey! That’s the same tent as the Tent Video. It is the same Remington Model 710 and mag light that FBFB examined, also same gun seen in the #2 Tent Video.
8. The movie has a new name. “Shooting Bigfoot”, the name, is not just imagery = it clearly states what will happen.
9. The frequently mentioned animosity between Morgan and Dyer is clear in the “asshole filmmaker” quote.
10. It is very clear how hectic it was the night of the 6th when “all Hell broke loose” after it was shot.
11. Rick Dyer is begging and wants to know if the kill shot is on film – this supposedly happened after the Bigfoot was shot.
12. Interviewing homeless who made 911 call in 2010 – this pinpoints the location, consistent with on-site investigations.
13. Dyer’s intent on killing a Bigfoot or anything looking like a Bigfoot is clear.
14. Rick Dyer is filmed with rifle in his underwear.
15. The production value of the trailer shows professionalism, not that of a cheap hoax.
16. Confirms Morgan Matthews’ voice from the Tent/Camper w/audio saying “Rick, Rick, Rick…”
17. There was a debate during the day of September 6th after the Tent and Camper Videos are taken at 8am; there must have been a question if it could have been a guy in a costume. Rick answers, “If it is a guy in a costume, I will shoot him.”
18. Rick is using the flashlight with pointing gun – just as Rick has said the shooting was at night and filmed at night.
19. Rick is completely into the event – in his underwear, manic, focused. He is not a man preparing a costume for friend or prepping for a hoax on Matthews. He is serious and focused.
Everything they say is 100% spot on, and they make an excellent case that an actual Bigfoot was killed in the filming of this movie. I continue to believe that Shooting Bigfoot documents the actual killing of a Bigfoot.

by Robert Lindsay