Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bigfoot News April 28, 2013.Rick and Lily Dyer under investigation by the FBI! by Robert Lindsay

Rick and Lily Dyer under investigation by the FBI! A source recently informed that the FBI came to the home of Rick and Lily Dyer in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday, April 25, 2013. Two agents knocked on their door and said they wanted to speak to Rick. Rick told them he did not want to talk to them and told them to talk to his attorney instead. Later that day, the agents came back with a warrant and confiscated two laptops and a desktop computer.
Rick was upset because there was financial information on the computers and he was worried about going to jail. The investigation against Rick centers around “interstate fraud,” whatever that means, but it is probably related to mail and wire fraud and related RICO statutes. It looks like Rick and Lily Dyer are going to be lawyering up.
A couple of other people associated with Dyer may be under investigation also.
Also though Dyer haters will probably say that this investigation is related to Rick pulling a hoax or fraud around the killing of Hank the Bigfoot, I do not think that is what is going on here.
Instead I think it is related to the memberships that Rick is selling on his website. Rick originally stated that all of the money from the memberships is going to be donated to the charity to help the homeless. Then after he sold quite a few memberships, he changed his mind and said it is going to help him buy a new Corvette. You can’t collect money to help the homeless and not give the homeless one dime of it and instead use it to buy a new car. That’s called fraud.
Because the fraud was conducted across state lines be collecting membership fees from all over, the FBI gets involved and its a federal offense. These laws were originally written up to get mobsters, but since then, they have often been used to bust politicians and corporate officials for various types of corruption and fraud. The head of Enron, Jeffrey Skilling, and Conrad Black, Canadian newspaper magnate, both went down on these laws recently. There has been some controversy about whether these laws are too broad, and a recent Supreme Court case limited the scope of the law. See the Wikipedia article on honest services fraud for more.
At any rate, I have been proven right yet again. I’ve always said that Dyer was a crook, and here’s yet more evidence. What a foolish, headstrong man

by Robert Lindsay