Monday, March 25, 2013

The Prestonville Monster

In the late 70s, and up till the early 80s, the small town of Prestonville, Kentucky sitting just west of Carrollton. Kentucky with the Kentucky river separating both towns.The strange events that took place in this small town would forever change my life and the lives of the people that encountered the thing they called the P.ville Monster.
It was early spring 1976 the country's Bicentennial I was twelve years old at the time my family decide to visit my grandparents who lived  in Prestonville,  Ky.
We arrived at my grandparents that Saturday morning greeted with a big county breakfast and uncles and aunts and cousin's. I wasn't like the other children off playing I always like sitting with the older men and listing to them talk about the old days. As I sat there and listen my grandfather stated talking about the incident that happen a few days ago, As he went on about the story he explained that what ever it was had tore down half a chicken coup and taken all the chickens and was seen by a neighbor that it was blackish and hairy and walked like a man.Then my uncle said that someone up the road here had two hogs killed.Well all that afternoon the talk was about this one subject.And my Dad believed it was just someone playing a mean joke on them. well by this time it was time for us to go.
In June my parents planed another trip to my grandparents this time we were leaving on a Friday afternoon and would be at my grandparents around 6:30 pm.when we arrived I remember one of my younger uncles had Friends over they were out back these were teenagers 16 to 18 years old.
We went in and my dad asked seen any monsters and my grandfather said its been seen on the river bank lurking behind Dee Kendell's store, and try to get into some homes.Well my Dad laughed it now it was getting late and my mom was putting us down for bed.
And what happens next I remember well to this day.
My Uncle and A couple of his friends burst into the backdoor hysterical saying that while out in the back yard something started throwing objects at them and what ever it was stunk to high heaven. my uncle went on to say he picked up a big rock and hurled it in the direction of what was throwing objects at them and hit what ever it was. and it screamed out and snarling he said he saw greenish eyes and what appeared to be hair covering the whole body. 
And at that moment A rock came smashing Thu the window and the small house shook with the pounding it was taking, something out side was trying to get in.
I remember my Dad coming into the small back room and picking up my sister in his arms and telling me to come on. Mom put us on the couch in the living room at this time I could here the heavy breathing and the screams and the beating on the walls and then the scratching at the door My Dad when I was young carried A Colt 1911 45 apc auto.
And I remembered him yelling at the door that who ever you are leave now or ill shoot. well Dad shoot once and  scared it away.
Cause I remember after the shot what ever it was screamed and howled and fell over things on the front porch.Rest of the night was incident free.
Morning came along and the outside of the house which was sidling with what appears to be roofing. I remember it being torn from the sides of the house and deep scratches in the door.
Grandpa and my Dad found a blood trail and followed it to the river.
A little later they returned and said they found nothing. But on the trip home I remember my Dad tell my Mom about the foot prints they had seen in the mud on the river bank. and for some time after that everything remained peaceful until the summer of 81 and 82 five years later. thing began again from seeing it rummaging Thu the trash. and occasionally looking into a window leaving muddy prints on autos.there were some dog that were killed mysteriously.several eye witness reported as a large dark brown hairy thing that walked like a man.and for a time when the sun started going down ever one in Prestonsville, would go in and lock there door's and not come out till morning.W ell that was over 37 years ago and I still remember everything that took place.And if you go to Prestonville, Ky today the old house is gone replaced by a play ground, Dee Kendell's store is no more a new home sets in its place. the old liquor store is a car lot.
Prestonville Ky has grown up and changed with the times. Every once and A while A boater will spot a bipedal hairy creature on the river bank, or a motorist driving on hwy 55 will report seeing a hairy 7 to 8 foot creature on two legs on that lonely stretch of road. even after all these years the P.ville Monster still make his rounds.
In summer of 2001 I conducted an investigation of the area and to my surprise we received some vocalizations but other than that nothing Else. My opinion is this is a area of travel.
Still to this day I receive many eye witness reports in this area.