Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sighting on Trimble and Carroll County line

February 28 2013 at around 9:40 pm Mike [name on file] and a friend [name also on file] stated that they were returning from a trip at wal mart in carrollton KY at around 9:40 pm.That just before the Trimble-Carroll county line at 5787 U.S.421.As they came around the curve they noticed a large bulky figure crouched along the side of the road.Mike stated that he figured it to be A deer that had slipped coming up the embankment.Mike also stated he slowed down so if it was a deer he would have time to stop.But when the headlights fell upon the figure mike stated it stood up on two legs completely covered in hair.when I asked mike about how tall Mike stated pretty d---m it ran down the embankment.Mike agreed to do a reenactment and I stood were the creature was  crouched Mike stated that it was way far wider in the shoulders then me and when I stood up mike then stated it was around 2 to 2 1/2 feet taller than me.and I'm 6foot.
The embankment the creature ran down was steep and would be difficult to walk down let alone run down.The only other thing that was in the location was a dead deer carcass
I find mike a credible wittiness
Mike works for the state of ky