Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sighting in Milton, Kentucky.

  recent I just received A report that occurred on March 5th 2013,, in Milton, Kentucky.
Currently I'm in the progress of investigating this sighting. and trying to established wittiness's and confirmation on exacted location What I have at this time is A submitted report from [] I currently contacted this group for more information. this is what was submitted to their web page . It go's as follows.

Bigfoot Sighting Milton, KY

Name: Jack Heitz
Date: March 5th, 2013
Location: Milton, Kentucky
I was boating on the Ohio River heading East. I was sitting in the
back while my friend was navigating the boat. As we approached an
opening in the tree line on the Kentucky side, I noticed a figure
about 100 ft away. As we zoomed by, it stood up from it’s crouching
position and leaped into the forest. It jumped around ten feet to
clear a bush and escape into the trees. It was around nine feet tall
with brown, matted hair. It especially had a concentration of hair
dangling from its elbows. I later arrived at the place of the sighting
but there were no evidence to be found.