Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shelbyville Ky Mystery animal attacking livestock

SHELBY COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - A community of farmers in Shelby County have been terrorized over the past few weeks by a mystery animal.
The creature has been attacking, but not eating, livestock such as goats and calves.
Kevin Cox, a farmer in the area, had already had one animal fall victim to an attack and he said his dogs alerted him of a second, "I heard the goat the dogs going off and I ran out there and I looked and saw the goat laying on the ground."
His goat, Polka-dot, is now missing all of one ear and almost lost both of them.
Cox explained, "I noticed my whole steer bull looking a little different. It was covered in blood. Then my other two bulls come up and they had their ears all chewed up."
Cox is one of a handful of farmers along Ditto Road in Waddy whose animals have been mysteriously attacked. Another farmer had to put down five goats because the injuries were so severe.
Most of the attacks have come at night.
One woman told County officials she and her daughter were briefly followed by an animal that made a sound she called "indescribable."
County officials are investigating and they have recruited the help of the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department. Thursday, crews searched the woods and set traps in hopes of finding the cause of the attacks.
Meanwhile, Cox said he's doing all he can to protect his animals, "We're trying to find out what it is. I don't know if we ever will."
Shelby County officials are hosting a meeting at the Waddy Ruritan Club this upcoming Monday.
They are looking to make the public aware of the problem and discuss solutions.
1. The track the media shown was not the track of the creature that maimed the animals

2. The media track was of a farm dog.

3.The real tracks measured over 5 1/2 inches long and over 4 inches wide

4.The real tracks photos were taken by a reporter and never published.

5.Reports of a large dark bipedal creature seen in the area for years

6.Residents being chased into barns and home by something large

7. Tracks destroyed by Kentucky Fish and Wildlife department