Monday, March 25, 2013


the story I'm about to tell is about A family who was harassed and attacked by a bipedal hairy creature
Mrs. Chandler who endured the attack with her husband and six month old child It was in July 1947 in northern Carroll county Kentucky. On A hill over looking U.S. Hwy 36 and the Notch Lick road .There you will find a one lane road cut into the side of the hill with its creek rock surface you come upon a two room house with a built on kitchen pouch a typical tenant house it had electricity, a rock fire place Early one morning Mrs. chandler while drawing water notice strange large footprints about the property and showed her husband after Mr. chandler studied the footprints but couldn't explained what could made such prints. After a few days strange things started happing rocks were thrown at the house items around the outside of the house was either broken or disturbed. One night while both were in bed they heard a scream that terrified the both of them.   Mr.  Chandler worked in his tobacco during the day leaving Mrs. Chandler and the infant alone until around six or seven in the evening. That morning after Mr. chandler had left to work in the fields Mrs.Chandler was already hard at work hanging her laundry and happen to look up at a dark figure standing at the tree line on the hill she stated that it stood there watching her for around five to ten minutes and moved back into the woods That evening when Mr. Chandler returned home Mrs. Chandler told her husband of what had happen that day and she felt uneasy staying at the house alone and expressed her feelings about moving in to town. Mr. Chandler comforted his wife and explain that it was only her imagination and would here no more of it The next day around four in the afternoon the sky was getting dark and the wind began to pick up. Mrs. Chandler seeing the signs of a severe thunder storm and began to gather dry firewood and water before the storm she gathered the wood she notice a foul odor she looked about to find were the odor originated from then terror gripped her as she saw a large hairy creature standing on two legs and massive arms hanging below the knees standing in the field adjacent to the house looking into the window were her six month old child that moment she screamed "Get Away From There" and ran towards the house and her child, the creature turned and ran off into the woods Mr. Chandler was coming up the road and seen the incident unfold before him as he ran to the house watch the creature run off from the house After Mr. Chandler checked on his wife and child seeing that they were safe and sound finished gathering firewood and filling the water buckets By this time now the storm was upon them and before going into the house he grabbed the axe used for chopping wood in with him The both of them settle down to wait out the storm and as the storm eased Mrs. Chandler put wood in the cook stove to start a fire to make coffee they both heard something stir outside then the screams and grunts started they both realized the creature was back The creature Thu out the night tired every way to get into the house beating on the doors and outside walls and at least twice it climbed onto the roof It even broke a window and tried to reach in.  Mr. Chandler hit it repeatedly with the axe only to withdraw with crys of pain This continued though out the night with the first hint of dawn the assault on the Chandlers ended Mr. Chandler waited until it was good and light out and then ventured outside with axe in hand After inspection of the area he found the area littered and broken with items around the house scratches on the side of the house and several footprints measuring 15 inches long 5 inches wide all about the area After returning to Mrs. Chandler she insisted that they leave this place because she wasn't staying after what just happen Mr. Chandler refused to leave until he had his tobacco crop in She handed the child to him turned entered the house returning a few minutes later she had set fire to the house. Mrs. Chandler stated to me that the house did burn to the ground and they moved to Carrollton Mr. Chandler traveled ever day to the area to get his tobacco crop in she never returned to the area. Now I've hunted this area in the early 80s and the foundation and fireplace were the house stood is still there and the big oak tree that stands next to were the house stood is scarred by fire Now this happen before the Bigfoot crazed of the early 50s After being told this story in May 2012 I ventured to the area again to investigate due to the number of sightings around this area. what I found was a area of dense vegetation forest and rocky out croppings.