Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winter of 1978

Just interviewed a gentleman who wishes his name be anonymous,so will call him "bill"
Bill sat down with me and started telling me of an incident that happen in the winter of 1978 after the blizzard this is what he told me.
It was about three days after the big snow that winter and I had to check my trap lines that I sat out on sprague lane.So I sat out checking my lines I carried a 30-30 rifle with me.
About half way up the line I found some tracks they were big foot prints and when I tried to step the length of the stride I couldn't.
I followed the tracks up to were a old farm house stood it was torn down early that year and the only thing standing was a old smoke house.
Well it was cold and it started to snow again and I thought I would go into that old smoke house to warm up a bit.
I was about two hundred yards from the smoke house when the loudest screaming I ever heard and at that moment it came out of the smoke house it stood least eight to nine foot tall it stood there and stared at me and screamed again.
I was so scared I took that old 30-30 and shot wild at that time it took of over the hill and I didn't waste any time getting out of there and I never went back.
Bill stated that the creatures hair was a dirty gray,stood about eight to nine feet tall.and it stood on two legs like a man.Bill believes it went into the smoke house to get out of the weather.
When Bill told me this story he appeared truly sincere in his account and from what I heard about the gentleman from the community he tells it straight in my professional opinion Bill did deed encounter something that winter of 1978.

Thomas Shay
Lead investigator