Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Summer of 1970, Carroll county KY

A couple of residents of Trimble ,County, Kentucky have reported that back in the early 70s back on Craig's lane.
A framer raising hogs had a problem once or twice a week a hog would come up missing.and he couldn't figure out what happen to them?
And early one evening he heard the hogs carrying on and decided to investigate.upon reaching the hog pen he saw a large hairy gray bipedal creature with a two hundred pound hog under one arm and watched it step over the pen and carrying the hog off after that the framer is said to moved
from the lane.

Another report from the 70s about a family that lived out on Alexander rd in Trimble county Kentucky.as reported the father who was a experience hunter and woodsman one day while hunting mushrooms observed a large hairy gray bipedal creature moving though the woods.

In the spring of 1976 in Carrol county in a block house on hwy 55 between campbellsburg and Carrollton Kentucky.A daughter and her family was visiting her parents and at the time they were all sitting around in the yard talking when her young brothers came running from the back pasture they had been fishing in one of the back ponds.they begin explaining that while fishing this big hairy black thing chased them from the pond.the adults passed it off as their imagination.that night when every one settled down for a nights rest.
That's when things started to go wrong,outside the house the screaming started.and what ever was outside was beating on the side of the house on the roof scratching and trying to get in the house the men stayed up all night position at the front door and the back door with shotguns and one with a rifle stood vigilante over the younger children.
This continued though out the night with the screaming throwing rocks and other items at the house.beating on the door and climbing onto the roof trying to get into the house.
Come dawn the men decided to venture outside and put an end to the terror upon venturing outside there was no sign of what harassed them all night except several large foot prints and claw marks on the outside of the house.