Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sighting in Carroll County Kentucky

Sunday February 24 2013

Time 8:35 a.m.

Location, field across from the old  Dayton Walther"s plant on Hwy 42.

Wittiness Don

Don spoke with me on location. Don stated that at 8:35 Sunday morning while driving from Carrollton Ky to Ghent Ky traveling east on U.S. 42 noticed something large and black crossing a field.At which time he pulled over to get a better look.
Don also stated that after getting a better look.noticed that it walked on two legs and covered in hair and appeared to be around 71/2 feet tall.the sighting lasted a good 4 to 5 Min's until it walked into  a nearby creek.
During my investigation I measured off the distance of 280 yards.and examined footprints that were deep and unrecognizable due to the muddy conditions.
Don appeared sincere about what he saw.