Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rick Dyer comfrims hoax

On February 16 2013 Rick Dyer admit to his latest Bigfoot hoax on his radio show.
A quote from his on words [To all my haters and non supports you all said the story would not go main stream aaa another Bigfoot hoax would not go main stream if I were involved.I got news for you.It has gone main stream]
That is why we in the Bigfoot community need to keep our guard up. and research need to be on the straight and narrow and be clear with our investigations.
there are some of us out here trekking though the woods day and night just to be the one to prove the  existence of a new species.
Its not about the Almighty dollar,but it sounds nice ,No for some its the excitement of exploring, almost being a real life Indiana Jones not knowing what awaits you on the other ridge or across the creek,even when you explore that dark and damp cave to see what lies in wait.or maybe at night sitting around that camp fire and you here the howls and screams of something that makes the hair stand on end.and after its all over you may not have found what you were trying to find or prove with the little evidence  you you managed to collect you hold your head high and think well there's always next weekend.
So dont become like  Rick Dyer and his cohorts.
Be who you are, fame will come to you when at least you expect it.
And belive it  or not alot of people are counting on you,and look up to you and I do too.

 . fellow researcher T.Shay