Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Retrun of the Lizard man in Trimble and Carroll County Ky

Here recently there have been a few rumors of what made the prints on the hood of Micheal Dyers truck,that it could be the lizard man .That could well be,but until my investigation is finished am not going to comment if its Bigfoot or the lizard man period to much activity going on in two county's at the moment.
I have three other Researchers who volunteer to work with me they are from out of state and I grew up with these people and trust them and there findings.
One will investigate Trimble,County and Henry county the other two with me in Carroll county.
Now back in July 2012 I investigated a report of 12 foot lizard that walked crossed brays ridge rd on two legs.
I know what you thinking really!But I remember back in 1975 I was elven I accompanied my uncle to Milton KY where Clarence Cable reported a giant lizard in and around his junk yard.and it was around 15 foot long and supposedly ran bipedally.and we joined in the hunt.
So I went and met with the witness an elderly lady who would not identify her self on site and she walked me though what she saw.I didn't find any evidence I just documented the incident and caulk it up to miss identification.
 Until two days later I received another report from a gentleman who had witness a 12 to 14 foot lizard cross U.S.42 just after state hwy 3175 the sulfur Bedford, rd.The gentleman stated that this lizard crossed the rd and the head  and tail stretched across the entire rd.
In 1960 to teenagers on what is point in Carrollton, KY, watch a large  bipedal creature walk out of the Ohio river. In 1970 a large bipedal creature was spotted on lock rd at night in Carrollton, ky,.A large bipedal creature starked around prestonville, ky at night in the late 70s and early 80s.
During our investigation we found some three toe tracks measuring 14 inches,
We will be following up on more wittiness's and investigating more areas
As for now one theory we have that we are dealing with a creature that might have been  genetically mutated Thur inbreeding
Second theory we are dealing with a new species
But until we have all the information in and facts ill leave it at that.
I welcome any information anyone has
If it the lizard man,Bigfoot or a hoax,,you all will be the first to know. 

Follow up

After days of bad weather and slugging Thu the mud we had to call it.conditions was just to bad. We did put up trail cams when the weather becomes more agreeable we will began another investigation.

But I did received an e mail from anonymous who stated that the tracks were made  by a beaver. .
All right I took the information and applied it to the evidence.well it isn't a beaver and this is why

1.If it was a beaver were are the front paws ?
2.were is drag from the tail ?
3. There are know other prints on the hood or any where to showed it climbed on the hood !
4.If it was a beaver were are the scratches from the claws digging in trying to hold on and not slip off ?
5. with the measurements I guess there is a 5 foot beaver running loose in Carroll county.If these are paws.
Conclusion these prints over lap each other and measure over eight inches in lenght and laid upon the hood and I could be wrong. pulse I've seen this before in eastern Ky.
You let me know what you think!