Friday, February 8, 2013

Notable Kentucky Sightings and Encounters

1. May 1894 Deepcreek, Ky.
Five men encounter man beast that raided farms.tracked to cave and lost said beast.
2.February 1959,Covington, Ky.
Motorist saw large hairy two legged beast on bridge
3.May 1960,Land Between The Lakes.
Many sightings in area,A family reported to area newspaper that they saw large hairy creature drink from the lake using it hands

4.June 3 1962. Trimble county KY.
A large hairy creature terrorized  the county

5.July 1962,Mount Vernon,KY.
Four young people encounter a Bigfoot while in there parked car,The creature growled furiously.Scaring them into hysterics.

6.June 1968,Murry,KY
Dr reports seeing a Bigfoot on the road.

7.1970. Boone, County,KY
Many sightings in area,farmer being awaken by frighten livestock and attacks on livestock.

8.Spring of 1976, Penbrook KY.
Five witness reported three sightings of a seven foot black creature with huge shoulders and green eyes near remote house.

9.January,1977,Simpson County ,KY
Police Officer reports Bigfoot crossing road at night.Other sightings in the area.

10.August 1978,owensbroug KY
 Several men corner a Bigfoot by a pond shot at it with pistol at ten feet,it fled into the woods without leaving a blood trail.

11.August,1978, Owensbroug, KY.
Multiple wittiness see a man fire three forty five caliber bullets into a Bigfoot chest from forty five feet away. the Bigfoot ran into the forest never to be seen again.

12.October 1980,Mayesville,KY.
An elderly couple see a white Bigfoot from there front porch.