Friday, February 8, 2013

Dark Figure

In late November myself and a personal friend began a investigation.In southwest Trimble county Kentucky of a possible Bigfoot sighting. During our investigation we came upon a area of fallen trees.The gentleman that was with me took this picture.and if you look at where the arrow is pointing you will see a figure which appears to be standing behind a fallen tree.after this picture was taken it the time I didn't see any thing.after reviewing the photo now the photo is of low quantity.but after  several enhancements there does appear that something is standing behind the fallen tree.shoulders and head on top and legs below.still my findings as of now is inconclusive.but my friend swears he saw it stand up and that's when he took the photo and it ran off.
Now I leave it up to you to comment to whats in the photo.
Something is there but what?