Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Carroll County Ky 2010 sighting.

In January 2010,Between Carrollton and Sanders Kentucky on hwy 36 east.A mother was taking her son to school.
We were following a Ford Ranger and were probably 30-40 foot behind it. I noticed something run quickly in front of that truck. I did not see the thing run from the opposite side of the road, though obviously that’s where it came from. I noticed it when it was right in the middle of the road. I’m guessing that the truck is between 5’ and 6’ tall. From my view, behind the truck, I could still see about 1’ of the thing over the top of the cab before it came back into full view and went up into the woods that run right by the road. During the second or two that it came back into full view after crossing in front of the truck, I was able to see it’s silhouette fully in the headlights from the truck. It was on two legs, dark in color, wide (depth of the body, from back to chest-I don’t mean the broadness of the shoulders as I saw it from the side), large legs and very tall. Because of it’s position and it being dark out, I was not able to see the face or front of it. I’m not able to give any description of the fur or hair that was covering it either

Note:this in the same area as the claw marks on the truck hood on February 20 2013
Eagle Creek hollow.