Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bigfoot sleeping?

Bigfoot sleeping? some of the Maltida footage from the Erickson project. 
This is Matilda a supposed Bigfoot sleeping in Kentucky.Filmed by the Erickson project.                                                                                      
     Lets point out some points on here first what I understand is their were a group of Bigfoot living on a rural farm and the owners were feeding them this is the story that was relayed to me. Now if I were gonna film a Bigfoot first of all I would get a head shot to prove my claim.And this was also explained to me that the whole body will be shown in the film which is supposedly to be released this year. and since 2011 only certain people in the Bigfoot community have seen the footage so we have to take there word.Come on now its 2013 and a lot of researchers and and inquisitive people would like to see the real deal.But "NO"we will have to paid up to twenty bucks and sit in a theater and be disappointed.Ive been a researcher in Kentucky for over twenty five years and got some fuzzy photos and clear photos of the creature but the photos come under scrutiny due to the fact I share my evidence in certain circles who are honest and are dedicated to there research such as Charlie Raymond of K.B.F.O.  Melissa Adair and Rob Gaudet of Sasquatch unlimited.and Philip Spencer of Lawrenceburg.Kentucky. Ok back to Matilda seriously If I had the film of a Bigfoot it would be all over the media and the leaders of every research group would get a copy. If you watch this film clip Ive been told it looks like a rug with something inflated under it,A lama,dirty now I leave it up to you to decide.and remember I had several encounters and I know the creature is real and I might be wrong, it just seems there milking it for all its worth.and to prove this Dr Melba Ketchum purchased the film for undisclosed amount. So lets here your comments but dont be rude about it, be professional. I welcome any input.