Sunday, January 13, 2013

Why Have Sightings Increased In Trimble County

 Why Have Sightings Increased In Trimble, County 

I was asked a interesting question,Why are we having so many sightings here in Trimble county Kentucky. For the record there have been sightings clear back into the 1940s..One or two a year up until 2011.Most early sightings were never reported due to the witness being made fun of or ridiculed by the community,How ever with the reality shows on TV such as finding Bigfoot,monster quest and so on.Is making it more comfortable to speak of such things.Here in Trimble county cedar logging has picked up,We also in the early spring we had the tornadoes here in the county.and the severe drought.all these have a large impact on the environment.such as the shortage of food,water.another theory we have is after the major earthquake in japan. It caused the earth to shift on its axis and speed the rotation. and this did indeed cause behavioral changes in nature such as shorter days,hotter summers warmer winters and migrational changes in the animal kingdom. You also have to take into consideration With over population and encroachment on woodlands and wetlands by humans the probability of and encounters or sightings increases.Over the five years the sighting and encounters appears that the creature has more or a curiosity with humans  observing and following us and as quickly as creature appears he vanishes back in dense forest. this is only theory. there are allot of other theory's out there and I respect every one.But this for you to decide I have my opinions and if you believe you have a theory or opinion I welcome all to be shared.