Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Other sightings in Trimble county Ky

1950 The Robbins brothers on old Carlis Road when riding a mule both young men encounter a large hairy beast standing on the side of a hill. Said the beast had long arms and yellowish eyes.

Mr Devore of Kings Ridge had Jersey bull head smashed up with long claw marks 17 inch prints were found around body of bull. 1962

Large animal forces fishermen away from river at Hampton's lane Milton Ky. 1982

1984 Security guard at Kawneer,on Hunter Heights Rd. Walks up on large hairy creature during rounds at night next to dumpster.

1986 Large hairy creature seen at US421 and starks lane.

1986 large hairy creature seen US421 and country rd 316

1987 large hairy creature seen mount pleasant by group sitting tobacco creature crosses field

1987 farm hands see large hairy creature watching them from wooded area.mount pleasant area

1988 land owner sees large hairy man walk up fence Roll through heavy thickets

1989 construction worker at wises landing power plant sees hairy ape like  thing cross road on bare bone.

1990 sighting of bipedal creature squatting next to creek on corn creek.

1991 hairy two legged creature seen under Madison Milton bridge in Milton Ky. huge hairy man like creature in field behind river dale trailer park Milton Ky.

1992 Large hairy hand pushes in window screen near Hwy 625 North.

1993 man sees large hairy man like creature squatting next to utility line shoots twice at creature before running off.