Monday, January 14, 2013

Mortin Ridge Road Investigation

 Mortin, Ridge Road Investigation

Its January 13 2013, 8:15 am. I just started my investigation here at the Mortin Ridge Road in Trimble  county Kentucky it's 28 degrees partly sunny.I started down A ridge finding a well used game trail. following the game trail I transversed from east to west then back south.covering five miles turning over every stone,checking every disturbance in the leaf litter and bare ground finding nothing. at around noon I sat on top of a ridge over looking three other ridges scanning the area with the binoculars with out any luck.while I was walking the area jumped two rabbits and saw deer sign but nothing of the creature.While transversing around a hill I came across  two caves which appeared to have seen no activity for some time.conducted some tree knocks and some howls and nothing.I ended the investigation at 3;30 pm. I'm planing a night investigation this weekend at the same location.Now there was a reported sighting in this area in late September and week after Christmas.This is the same area were the Timble beast was sighted in June of 1962.