Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lockport Ky,Henry County Kentucky

Now back in the late seventy's.My great grandmother Ma Walker of Lockport Ky,told me a story that happen to her.I was 13 at the time and always listen to her story of time past.But this one stuck out from the rest.
So it happens late one night in September her and her grand daughters were canning apples and peaches.when she said something growl out side the kitchen window.which scared the younger women but not Ma!
She grabbed A pot of boiling water off the stove and tossed it out the window upon the which time she said it shrieked and howled in pain as it ran from the window to the woods.
Ma said it was the wood bugger it was wild man of the woods and would come in the night steal chickens and her can foods out of the root cellar.
Ma even said she hit the smelly thing with her broom one time while it was near the chicken coup.
Up until the day she past Ma said it would visit her on occasion.
Ma is gone now but the house is still there I wonder if it still stops and visits?