Friday, January 18, 2013

Bigfoot Crosses In Front Of Living Room Window.

September 19 2008
 Trimble, County  KY

At around 11:30 p.m. I received A phone call from a gentleman who's name is on file and did not wish to be known to the public.The gentleman spoke to me on the phone in a state of panic and I spoke to the gentle man and calmed him down. I asked him what's wrong he then said Tom you need to come out here tonight. why I asked, he said just get out here and I'll tell you. I agreed. When I arrived the gentleman met me at the door and rushed me into the house at which time I asked him what's up, then he began, Just before I called you I was sitting in the living room watching TV with the lights off .  My dogs started whimpering and backing away from the picture window then hauled butt under the couch. Then I looked up at the window and saw this huge shadow standing in front of the window then it moved out of site that when I called you. I went to the large window and looked out I noticed that a light was on towards the road. I turned the lights out and sure enough the light shown on the window. I ask the gentleman to tell when he saw the shadow. I went out into the yard and walked in front of the window several times at different locations and was unable to get the size the gentleman stated. I then found a old mop and put a sheet  on it and repeated the scenario over, at ten foot from the window I came close to a match after measuring the height at almost eight foot. looked around A little with my flashlight and came up with nothing. It was getting late and I informed the gentleman that I'll be back in the morning. upon returning the next day the gentleman informed me that his sister who lives about 400 yards away asked him this morning did he see the brown thing walking on the edge of the field yesterday afternoon. he told her he hadn't and informed her to what happen the night before. after conducting my investigation I found nothing due to the ground was dry and all fairness I do believe he did see something cross the window due to the way the gentleman acted and he was frighten.several months later in July. I was asked to return to the location where I investigated a dog mutilation now this dog was a large dog and one that could take care of its self in a fight. I examined the dog and this is what I found the dog had crawled from the front of the house to the back of the house and try to get into its dog house from the lower back the skin had been peeled back to the knees of the back legs as if you just skinned a rabbit .after closer inspection of the front of the house you could see were the dog had been thrown into the side of the brick house with such force flesh and hair matter was embedded in the bricks investigation on going.