Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Now from time to time there comes one Bigfoot that stands out from them all.And we call him Big Mo he's been seen throughout the entire state of Kentucky. and what makes him special is the creature stands eight and a half feet tall over 800 pounds and is huge in a Bigfoot on steroids.with reports of seeing the creature running or crossing a road as quick as possible with a stride of seven foot and when moving slow at fifty six inches.The people of Edmonson KY name the creature due to the numerous sightings in the area.But hes been seen here in Trimble County several times in the woods by hunters, also by motorists in wee times of the night standing beside the road.and like yours truly crossing a field in late afternoon.with a witness.there are a couple of reports of him being seen in Carroll county and also Henry county.I took castings of his tracks and pictures.And at night when you are out in the woods camping ,fishing and you hear this high pitch shrieking howl that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.or that loud tree knock.well that's Mo letting everything in the area this is his domain.and you need to back off.I've tracked him and heard his howls.and I know when enough is enough and let the big guy have his way.Now myself and other researchers have discussed why so big then other Bigfoots. theory's due to inbreeding to genetic mutations.But as far as any reports on Mo he's still the peaceful giant of the woods.We as humans are the ones that makes him A fearful creature.and should be.who would know what would happen if you were to corner one or say provoke it to defend its self.I have sat in the woods of Trimble County in the middle of the night and listen to their lonely cry and never been harmed in know way.The next time you are on your back porch in rural Trimble county   listen to the being that wanders the night.And remember there are things in this world that cant be explained. and that's why Mo is a true treasure of Trimble county.