Saturday, January 19, 2013

Are They Dangerous

Are they dangerous that's a question I'm asked quite often. and in my on opinion NO!
In my twenty five years of research and multiple sightings,with one sighting as close as 100 yards I still have my arms and legs.but I suggest caution just like any wild animal in the wilderness if you crowd one of appear as a threat it may just turn on you.
Now I wrote several stories on this blog about attacks and harassment these were stories told to me.and over the years there have been attacks on humans but none are taken serious by certain research groups.
I'm not saying that attacks will not happen such as the reports here in Kentucky such as throwing stones and tree limbs,shaking trees.and following or escorting out of a wooded area.
Most of the reports are in my opinion highly exaggerated do to the fear factor.and on the other hand we as humans have a habit of letting our imagination over take our thought process filling in the blanks.
So this takes us to the TEST.
A researcher took five test subjects two men and three women to a secluded area at night and told they will see a Bigfoot while passing in a car.
earlier that day the researcher made a six foot cardboard cut out of a Bigfoot with arm at it side and red lights for eyes. he drove all five past the cut out and asked each one after there sighting to explain what they saw.
each one of the subjects described everything from it being 10 foot tall to completely hairy squatting in the brush.But each subject clearly described the eyes in detail.clearly be fix sated on the eyes they filled in what they wanted to see.
These creatures are just peaceful giant's of the woods and just wish to be left alone. Now with DNA now collected show that its part of the human Geno whats if push comes to shove.we as humans protect our own so why not the Bigfoot and that's why its up to us not to upset the balance of these giant's. now its time for your opinion I would like to hear it and share it here.