Sunday, December 15, 2013

Big shoes to fill ( By the The Discerning Man's Squatch )

Do we as humans have a need to believe in Bigfoot, a creature that is like us in many ways, but chooses to keep its distance from those things we don't even like about ourselves?

In a lot of ways that is exactly what Bigfoot is. He is us in antithesis. We attribute to him features that are very human like. He walks upright, he is intelligent, he is a survivor. Unlike us,...
he is peaceful, does not fight wars, he does not destroy his environment and he does not have habits that have made us humans weak. He has not been affected by changes in technology and in fact may be exactly as he has always been despite a world that has transformed itself countless times at our hands over the millennia. A creature true to itself and the planet which it and we all call home.

There is much to be valued in a creature like this. It can show us what we have lost in ourselves that we once held very dear. He can give us hope of an unspoiled existence that can still be had. He can teach us to get along with each other for the benefit of everyone, and he can impart to us what it really is to be human and to not take our planet and resources for granted.
I think those who believe and those who want to, look up to Bigfoot as a role model of something we wish we had never lost… but despite our own urging continue to let slip away. We are no longer always a good Sheppard of all that we survey and we have forgotten our own connection to nature in a world that we are as much a part of as our own children are to us.

Bigfoot is a beacon of understanding and hope. He is why we still yearn and believe in something better than what we have settled into. He fights the good fight in his steadfastness and is undiscouraged by the changing world despite its seeming descent into something that we no longer recognize or appreciate in the way we once did. He is deeply and forever embedded into our psyche and is part and parcel of what it really is to be human. Could be that what we miss the most in ourselves, is what we love the most in Sasquatch, and what we ascribe to his character, is what we feel is missing in our own.

Bigfoot most definitely DOES exist. I have no doubt of this. If he is not out there roaming our forests, hills and valleys, at the very least we know for absolute certainty… he is roaming our hearts, our souls and our minds. For that very reason, we need not always go to the ends of the world to discover this animal, for he has always lived in our own backyard deeply snuggled within our synapses and ganglions, somewhere within our cortexes. He is a part of us, and we will never lose that completely as long as we remember one thing. That is, we too are a part of this world and just another animal amongst the many that call earth home. In our hurry towards progress we may have detached ourselves a bit from our humbler beginnings, but as long as we still have Bigfoot in our thoughts and dreams, there will always be a tether to lead us back home.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Trimble County resident has several incidents over the years.

From time to time I have witnesses who contact me and tell me what has happen to them over the years. This one witness wishes to stay anonymous and the area of incidents not to be disclosed. and I can respect that due to the fact that there are still A lot of people that love to ridicule and humiliated someone who has had a incident with a unknown large hairy biped. or having all kinds of people running all over your property with out permission tearing down fences and leaving trash and destroying natures wonders.
Yesterday 12/12/2013  I met with a witness and she told me her story of what she had encountered and observed over the last 24 years here in Trimble county KY.
She stated out that four years ago in northern Trimble county KY as she was sitting on her front porch one evening and noticed a set of eyes watching her from the darkness she described that the eyes were wide apart and really high off the ground she was unsure of the distance but she stated that it was on the other side of the pond. Now I know of the house and area in which she talks of and were she was sitting and were the eyes were was about hundred and twenty five feet . she stated that it was watching her and as she moved around it followed . she then stated that she went inside the house to get a pair of binoculars and when she returned it was still there and as she look thru the binoculars she couldn't make what it was as it was dark. she continued to watch the eyes until it slowly turned and walk away. and couple of weeks later I was on my front porch and heard this scream and I immediately went into the house cause what ever it was it was on the side of the house twenty feet from me. One evening couple of years ago while she was walking her dogs in south eastern Trimble county KY. She heard another scream and her dog went crazy! It was almost dark on a little creek ,and almost foggy ..and I've never heard or seen my dogs do like they did! They howled/barked all mixed up and insane! And another time about a mile away I was fishing on a neighbors farm alone .It was really seclude location I heard that same scream, like a woman, with this scream she  observed A whole herd of Holstein cows stampeded! and the scream from the woods, near the pond. Now back years when I was a young adult myself and a friend were fishing on a creek near our home. I left my friend and started down the creek to find another pool and as I was walking down the creek, on the hillside beside me I could hear something very large following me because when I stopped walking it would stop I could hear it but couldn't see it .
THAT was really scary!
I talked with the witness in person and found her to be sincere and honest when telling me her story.        

Monday, December 9, 2013

Rochester, Jan 21 2013 sighting

Todays date Dec 8 2013
Date of encounter or sighting Jan 21 2013

Name: Owen Raposo
Contact information  on file Home
 on file Cell

Email Address  on file
location of sighting/encounter 38 minutes west from Rochester VIA Rail Station

What time of day did encounter / sighting take place Afternoon

What was the weather conditions Cold and clear.

Please explain your encounter/sighting with as much detail such as sounds smells and the duration on event. I was travelling on the VIA train from Rochester NY to Toronto ON with my mother and brother. while I was on the train, looking out the window, I saw something unusually large, bipedal, and with black hair walking along the edge of a clearing

Were there any witness Just me

Do I have permission to keep your experience for future reference and possible publication  yes

Would you like me to conduct a investigation? yes

If you answered yes to the previous question, would you like me to keep your name and contact information confidential/anonymous No

1. Height would have been 8-10 feet tall.
2. No, it was just walking along the edge of a clearing
3. The arms hung down to mid-thigh level and it was just looking in the direction it was travelling or in the odd time, into the trees
That's all , contact me if you need anymore information
By, Owen Raposo

Monday, December 2, 2013

Willis Texas July 1, 2011 .

Todays date November 26, 2013

Date of encounter or sighting July 1, 2011

Name: John Debrow

Contact information  on file. Willis, Texas near North Lake Conroe near national forest.

Email Address:  on file

location of sighting/encounter National Forrest 5 people in group. I have a great cast of a three toed bigfoot with claws (like dog claw) and toes like fingers. All three finger bones converge to a point where foot pad is.  weird but true.. cast was made of sighted bigfoot next day. 9 ft...800 lbs.

What time of day did encounter / sighting take place midnight on full moon

What was the weather conditions clear

Please explain your encounter/sighting with as much detail such as sounds smells and the duration on event. had smell prior to sighting near pine tree 40 yards away. two sets of prints. 17" with three toes and claws.

Were there any witness 5 in group. 4 teenage girls and Dad.

Do I have permission to keep your experience for future reference and possible publication  yes

Would you like me to conduct a investigation? yes

If you answered yes to the previous question, would you like me to keep your name and contact information confidential/anonymous don't care. I am the Mr. Bigfoot of Willis, Texas. Several investigations with hair samples and casts.

Daves take

Todays date 7/1/2013

Date of encounter or sighting no

Name: dave

Contact information e-mail

Email Address:

location of sighting/encounter none

What time of day did encounter / sighting take place no

What was the weather conditions no

Please explain your encounter/sighting with as much detail such as sounds smells and the duration on event. these Bigfoot are are beings in tangible form.these are fallen angels in human form. read the book the bible and Bermuda triangle published in the 1970' never see these creatures remains they move real fast.i am really the book.

Were there any witness no

Do I have permission to keep your experience for future reference and possible publication  yes

Would you like me to conduct a investigation? no

If you answered yes to the previous question, would you like me to keep your name and contact information confidential/anonymous no
I Welcome any comment you wish to add. Please use the comment section I do answer all comments. The submit sighting and encounter form is used to catalog reports for investigation and research and collect evidence.

Thank You

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Area of increased activity Trimble County KY

November 30 2013, Myself and Rodney Adams conducted a investigation of a area in which activity has increased here in Trimble County KY. With new stick structures and what appears to be a shelter and a strange rock formation.
We went deep into the area  and came upon a small grove of grass and a small stream flowing thru it deep in a valley and on one end was a barrier of thorn bushes while we were in this area we conducted some calls and wood knocks and to our surprise we got a response first a wood knock then a vocal which came from the other side of the barrier of thorn bushes. We continued with the calls for around a hour at which time we continued to get a response. We are planning to return but with help
 from another group.

Thanksgiving night Vocals

On November 28 2013 at around 7:30 pm I received A phone call from A group member who resides in northern Trimble County. Now MD told me to just listen when I answered the phone and to my surprise over the phone I could here the wails of what appeared to be a squatch.
I immediately got the location from MD and made my way to his location upon arriving and hearing the wails and long vocalizations myself was greeted by a loud wood knock. I estimated that it was about 200 yards from where we were standing and the vocals were loud and close.
The area where we were has some very steep valleys the area is hard and dangerous to navigate in the day time . we listen  and recorded for about a hour until they stopped .
Plans are under way for a investigation in this area .

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Milton Kentucky,Trimble County Report.

A young man who lives here in Trimble County shares his experiences. This is his story. 

Its probably been 3 or 4 years now since either experience( there are 2 I would like to talk about) both happened on Rogers road Milton ky at the back of pecks pike, the first encounter I was going to close up the chicken coop like every night, when I heard one of our hens had crossed the fence into the woods( my dad would always make me go bring them back so nothing would kill them). I was looking for the hen when I heard this low rumbling growl sound, it scared me but I assumed it was our neighbors dog probably just after the chicken the same as me so I called out to him to try and let him know it was me but when I stepped forward and called out there were 2 big grunts and heavy crashing through the woods. I never got a good sight at what was growling or made the grunts because it was to dark so I can not say for sure that this was a squach, but I do know that it was not a deer grunting or growling at me that night. The second isn't a sighting but I believe my friend and I heard the call of a squach, not far from the first encounter we were camping and building a Bon fire back in the woods, we had just got back from picking up sticks
When we heard a noise I had never heard before and have never heard agian it was about a 2-3 second long call that started out like a deep yell of a grown man but trailed into a more high pitched call at the end I cannot describe this sound well enough through email but when it was calling the high pitch end of the call almost seemed to raise and lower in pitch( like I said its hard to describe through email) but agian this was no noise I had ever heard and I've spent my whole life in these woods hunting with my dad, and this noise sent chills down my spine, it was so startling that me and my friend sat in the car with the headlights on for probably an hour. I can't be positive that these were Bigfoot encounters but I do believe that it was an animal I have never seen or heard before

The area has a history of activity. I myself have conducted several investigations in this same area.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Unknown Animal

This photo was taken in August 2013 of this year I haven't posted it due to the fact we could not identify what animal this is now the game camera is placed in on a tree looking down hill about six foot off the ground. and the white area in the center appears to be an orb or it may be eye shine we do not no at this time .
We Do Not Know What The Camera Has Caught!

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Peanut Butter Jar

Last month on October 3 2013, I took a jar of peanut butter and placed it in a secluded spot. and placed a game camera pointed to the jar. After a week the jar was untouched and after checking the game cam I had a lot of photos taken at night but of nothing. So I decided to remove the game cam and left the jar for another week. On October  24 2013, I returned and noticed that the jar had been moved and paper removed from the jar but the next thing I noticed was that it had been open.  After opening the jar It appeared that something had scraped  the peanut butter from the jar now no deer or any other animal could removed the top so I replaced the top on tight and put it back and left.
I returned on November 3 2013 and found the jar gone and the top lying on the ground and to my surprise I found prints measuring 17 3/4 inches were the jar had been placed. I took photos and checked the area for the jar but did not find it. Below is the photos you decide what happen to the jar.
October 24 2013

October 24 2013

November 3 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Investigation I had doubts with.The truth comes out

Over the years I have investigated many reports and interviewed many people and I can tell when thing just don't add up.
When this happens I will not post or reveal any thing about the incident but I will document and note it as suspicious in my files just by the off chance I might be wrong.
Yesterday morning I was contacted by a gentleman who had come across some strange tracks in a muddy field. I went and investigated and at first sight things didn't add up for one the tracks crossed the corner of the field and had the characteristics of a human track way were as someone had run thru the muddy field . The size and shape were all wrong no detail to the tracks at all....
So I noted every thing and filed it under inconclusive evidence .
Latter that evening a friend stop by and informed me that the tracks you went to see they are bogus.
Now I contacted the gentleman and explained that I have information that the tracks were a hoax. Then the open up and told the truth stating that he new they are doing some filming in the area and maybe he could get on TV.
I informed him that he made a fool out himself and that the report was file and was not going to get any attention due to the fact I believed it to be false and that anything else that came up would not be believable.
Now a word of warning if you do have a sighting or encounter report to me or Charlie Raymond of the KBRO, Don Neal, Parker Duvall just some of the best researchers in Kentucky just be honest and truthful your fame will come when they post you name and incident on their website. But remember we been at this for a long time .So don't ruin your credibility for thinking you are getting 5 minutes of TV time for a deception. Be true to yourself and honest and one day you may see your name on one of our websites with your story and remember people from all over the world read these reports. Take care be safe

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rodney Adams Investigation 10/28/2013

I was just finishing the filming with Thomas Shay when I get a text from my daughter. "Dad call me ASAP I have a bigfoot report!! I get home and she tells me about her sighting. She had walked across the street from our house into the woods, to check on the can of Vienna Sausages we had baited the woods with. There has been activity in this little slice of woods since we moved in back in July. As soon as she got into the treeline and saw the can, she walked over to check on it, but it had not been touched. When she did, something took off running on 2 legs, she said she heard 3 or 4 big booming steps, so big they shook the ground. She was so scared she didn't look back to see it, she didn't want to. When I got home we searched the woods and found a really good print and a couple of not so good prints. We also found a tree structure where something had piled up logs against the fence.

Rodney Adams

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finished fliming segment on Animal Planet ( Finding Bigfoot)

Today October 28 2013 myself and Rodney Adams finished filming our segment on animals planet Finding Bigfoot. This season will be a big surprise to the fans of the show.
I would like to thank Rodney and the witness's who came forward to tell there stories and to all the researchers in Northern Kentucky and Thur Kentucky that work hard to put this episode in motion.
I would also like to thank you all out there that support us in our search with your comments and questions ...
Looking forward to meeting you all at the town hall meeting.
As for now stay safe.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Man tells of what he heard in 2008 one morning in Trimble County KY.

Thursday October 24 2013 I was purchasing tires for my truck at the Cross County Tires  here in Trimble county KY.
When the owner Butch Emmitt approached me and asked if I was the bigfoot researcher and I replied yes! and Mr. Emmitt began tell me of what happen to him in 2008 early on morning at his residence on KY 1492 in northern Trimble county a area of rolling hills and dense woods.
as Mr. Emmitt continued  He stated that early that morning as always he would let his dogs out in the back yard but this morning the dogs did something odd they stopped at the back door and just stared  out into the darkness. at this time Mr. Emmitt stated that there was this low gut wrenching growl that he estimates was around 500 yards away. he also stated that he noticed that it was almost dawn while looking in the direction of the growl the by silhouette of the tree on the next hill . Mr. Emmitt stated at the time of growl his dogs ran back into the house and cower.

Vocalizations are numerous in this area over the years and  Mr. Emmitt is a respected business owner. and five years ago he did here something.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Possible Sasquatch encounter!

On Tuesday 22,2013 at 8:30 pm myself and Rodney Adams set out to undisclosed area which is a hot bed of Bigfoot activity to get some vocalizations recorded.
So we arrived and set out not knowing what the night had plan for us.
You see earlier that day I had just casted two prints right were we were standing and what ever made the prints is long gone but like I said the area is very active.
So we started out by doing some vocals and  listen for a response and nothing so we did a couple of more.
Now we could here movement in the distance and it was heading toward us. As we stood there listening to what ever it was, it sounded large and heavy as it plowed threw the woods.
We stood there not moving by this time it was around 50 foot from us as it kept moving towards us I flashed the flashlight in the direction of the movement for a short time in the trees we could see something but couldn't make it out and at that moment it made a charge at us and stopped and began making this clicking chattering sound at us.
At this time my primal instinct of self preservation kicked in and I drew my handgun and prepared for the onslaught not wanting a confrontation with what ever was in the dark I yelled at it as loud as I could at which time it stopped its approached and reentered the woods and started circling around to avoided us.
At this time I received a emergency phone call and we had to leave the area.
I'm posting a recording of what we encountered now I will warn you there is some explicit language that might offend some you but understand I was upset due to the fact that I left my flir and night vision equipment in my vehicle and mad as you know what that something I couldn't see was stalking us.

Also there will be a clip of a
Male proboscis monkey alarm calling
play this clip



Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2nd report on Mount Pleasant Rd (Trimble County KY)

Date of sighting - October 22, 2013
Time - 12:30 am
Closest City - Bedford KY
Nearest Roads - Mount Pleasant Rd and Hackney Lane
Witnesses - Marty (Last name on file)

On the morning of October 22, 2013 at around 12:30 am Marty was traveling west on Mount Pleasant Rd. Marty stated that he saw a  large silhouette  dashed across the road were his headlights shone. Marty stated that the silhouette appeared to be walking on two legs the incident lasted only a few seconds according to Marty.

Investigation report.  

I arrived at the location of the incident around 3:00 PM  after checking the area out I found no prints or evidence. Given the area where several reports have been documented Marty may have had a sighting.

Mount Pleasant Rd Incident (Trimble County KY)

Date of sighting- October 21 2013
Time- 10:30 pm -11:00 pm
Closest City- Bedford KY
Nearest Road- Mount Pleasant Rd
Witnesses - Mrs. D  (Full name on file)  

On Monday evening October 21 2013 between the hours of 10:30 pm and 11:00 pm Mrs. D was awaken by sounds in the backyard of her mobile home. of grunting and screeching and Mrs. D stated it appeared that what ever it was wresting and fighting over some thing. at one point it smacked the back of the mobile home several times. This lasted a several minutes this was no animal it sounded like people fighting.

Investigation report.
After arriving at the site I began investigating the area in the grass witch was uncut I found what appeared to be areas were something large had walk. after photos were taken I felt the ground were the impressions were made in the grass and felt that something or some one had walked leaving the impressions after measuring I had A length of 17 inches.
Then came the area were something had been rolling in the grass and a large patch of fur. now the under pinning had been shoved in and a dent on the side of the mobile home. as I continued I noticed that the path from the mobile home to the pond .
At the pond where were a few foot prints at the waters edge and a area where something extremely large had bedded.
Now I talked to Mrs. D again and found out that they in the evening would throw out leftovers from the day at the edge of the yard adjoining a large field.
 Now after seeing the tracks and bedding area something large did in fact visit the area.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bears in KY

 This photo was sent by Valerie Chapman A friend of my wife who lives in Kimper KY this is in Pike county KY south eastern
 Mitchell Chapman captured this photo on a trail camera behind our house on 9-21-13.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dr. Matthew A. Johnson: Does Our Government Know About Bigfoot

Dr. Matthew A. Johnson is one of the most credible person in the Bigfoot world. 11 years ago, Dr. Johnson had a "Class A" Bigfoot encounter with his family while hiking at the Oregon Caves. After that event, he went to the public and described one of the most intense encounters ever. In the following post, Dr. Johnson wrote about the possible government cover-up of Bigfoot evidence shortly after his encounter at the Oregon Caves:

Matthew A. Johnson

Two days after my family's encounter with Sasquatch at the Oregon Caves (July 1, 2000), Park Ranger, John Roth, had us take him to show him the area where it happened. Park Ranger John Roth specializes in tracking. He spent about 45 minutes going over the area with a fine tooth comb. He said, something very large has gone through here in the past 48 hours. He then showed us a very large track on an animal trail that he found. He said, "This is not a bear track. This is a Sasquatch track." Then he immediately stated, "You need to know that the park administration has a policy that we will not take a public position with the media regarding the finding of Sasquatch tracks within our park boundaries." HOW WOULD THEY HAVE DEVELOPED A POLICY WITHOUT HAVING PREVIOUS ENCOUNTERS THAT COMPELLED THEM TO DEVELOP SUCH A POLICY???!!! Within 30 days of my family's encounter at the Oregon Caves, I received approximately 30 phone calls at my private practice office from individuals who had worked at the Oregon Caves or camped, hiked, or mined near there spanning the previous 25 years. They all told me about their encounters with Bigfoot too.

Approximately ten or so years ago (2001 or 2002), I was updating my Rotary Club with our most recent research information in the Siskiyous Mountains. There were about 150+ people in attendance, including Oregon US Senator, Ron Wyden. I ended my talk with, "When the Sasquatch species is officially discovered, I doubt the United States Congress will be fully prepared to deal with the ramifications." Oregon US Senator, Ron Wyden, took the podium and addressed all of us for 20 minutes while we were eating our lunch. He shared about all the things that he was doing in Congress for the State of Oregon. When he finished speaking, he turned and looked at me across the room and said the following in front of everyone, "Dr Johnson, when the Sasquatch species is officially discovered, I can assure all of you that the United States Congress will be more than fully prepared to deal with the ramifications." All 150+ people in the room dropped their jaws in shock and disbelief. I heard a few different people whisper, "Senator Wyden just admitted that our government knows that Bigfoot exists!"

Shortly thereafter, I informed the Oregon Caves National Monument Park Rangers about what we were gleaning from our research about a Sasquatch family just south of the park boundaries on Mt Elijah and the Bigelow Lakes area. Within two weeks, our access logging road was completely dug up by heavy equipment and made inaccessible. We hiked in anyway and found that they set up video cameras and placed a rabbit in a tall cage with the top open so only something very tall would have to reach down to grab I did and let it go. Needless to say, I was a tad bit angry about how they underhandedly usurped our research area.

In 2010, two Squatches were shot and killed in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California by a hunter who was scared to death and didn't know any better. The DNA analysis has been completed and submitted to a scientific peer reviewed journal. The results will be revealed to the world in the next 6 to 12 months.

Our government most definitely knows that Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Forest People exists. Are you willing to accept their existence yet? Are you fully prepared to deal with the ramifications when the DNA results are released

New areas

Yesterday  10/19/2013 Myself and Rodney Adams scouted some areas to conduct new research in.
In this one area we got some amazing data on some tree structures this was in the area of the newest sighting in Trimble county KY. here's what we found.