Saturday, December 22, 2012


Milton,Kentucky-Trimble county

On 03/19/2012 approx 7:30 am D. D.real name on file, of Milton, Kentucky in Trimble County stated that she was on her way to work heading south on US Hwy 421 about a 1/4 mile from the junction 1226. D.D. stated that there was a series of dips in the road upon approaching.the second dip a large hairy animal ran across us 421 from west to east and she nearly hit the animal. D.D. also stated that it appeared to be man-like and hairy,d.d. it appeared to run on all fours but not.I asked to clarify d.d. stated that the arms was long and as it ran it was hunched over. she also stated that after crossing the road into the field it stood erect and entered the wood area, .d.d. estimated it stood over 6 feet tall.

I talked to D. D. regarding the incident the next day. D.D. was unsure of the description. I showed her a series of pictures of cows ,dogs, bears, gorillas and a Bigfoot. Mrs D.D.pointed out the pictures of the gorilla and the Bigfoot. Mrs D.D. described the stated animal the larger than a man with long grayish color hair.after the interview I went to the site there is a hay fields on both sides of road adjoining wooded area,rolling hills. I believe Mrs D.D. did have an encounter.d.d. was shaken about the encounter and repeatedly contacted me several times asking for answers to what she had seen.