Saturday, January 26, 2013

Northern kentucky bigfoot research group Trimble County Kentucky

Bigfoot;Kentucky's beast or myth

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Northern Kentucky has it share of Bigfoot sightings, especially in TRIMBLE,CARROLL,AND HENRY COUNTIES. Due to harassment and ridicule most people will not come forward and report their encounter. With man's encroachment on nature, excessive logging, strip mining, and sub-division development where forests used to grow, encounters are more frequent.

any sightings or encounters you wish to report or story contact me at or call me at 502 467-0000

In this site we will embark on a journey into the past and back to the present. we will here true stories about encounters and sightings and you will follow investigations while we are in the field. recently with the large influx of sightings and encounters My team and fellow researchers started covering the whole state of Kentucky. I have been a researcher for twenty five years now I have sought this seclusive creature in northern Kentucky and southern Indiana collecting data . which I will share with you as we begin our journey into BIGFOOT;KENTUCKY'S BEAST OR MYTH.