Saturday, December 22, 2012



track found on site

On 04/12/2012 I was contacted by a home owner .in Bedford Kentucky,County.Trimble as requested by said home owner we will call him rick [name on file]. at 07:30 am by phone rick stated to me that around 5:00 am that morning. he heard what sounded like a howl, and heard some thing walking around the home. loud enough to awake him. rick also stated he open the back door an could smell a foul odor.At 6:00 am rick went outside to check on his home at which time he found a set of large footprints then he contacted me.

Approximately 8:51 am I arrived on site and after meeting with rick at which time he told me the same exact statement as he told on the phone then rick show me the footprints .the footprints the measurements I took was 14 1/2 in long. 5 1/2 in wide.wide a stride of 54 3/4 in would put the creature at around 7 1/2 foot.It appeared to be traveling northeast to the southwest. After investigating the path traveled it came upon the home and appeared to walk around said home and peer into the windows .Photographs was taken and castings made  of prints after talking to the witness and examining the evidence I believe rick indeed have an encounter.

follow up On 04/13/2012 approximately 4:00 am. I received a phone call from rick .at which time he seemed upset.rick then stated that its back and just walked across the back deck. I informed Rick to calm down and stay in the house,we were on our way. At around 5:00 am myself and Monty an investigator that works with me arrived and immediately began our search of the area we found more prints and a fresh trail. at which time we followed until we came to barrier of thorn bushes it appeared the creature went Thu with ease.on the way back trail cams were placed and new castings made of the fresh prints I also talked with Rick of the incident. Rick stated it walked up on the back deck and crossed in two loud steps and played with the door.Rick then said he yell at it Thu the door and that's when he heard the two loud steps the deck is 12 feet long 8 feet wide.for investigating purposes I made two long steps on the back deck at which time I came up short and I weigh 295  and I could not make the loud sound Rick heard. this area is wooded and alot of hollers and hills.The area were encounter occured is near mount pleasant and has a history of sightings. investigation is on going Thomas Shay