Tom @ Rodney

Tom @ Rodney

Friday, August 22, 2014

Crystal Phillips Shay

Tom and Rodney are looking into adding more members to their research team. Experience preferred but not required. If you are interested in taking up squatching for the NKBRG, email Tom at and tell him about yourself.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group Filed Report 8/16/2014 (New Aera )

Today 8/16/2014

In a earlier post I stated that Me and Rodney were given permission to investigate several large tracts of property and Today we meet with the care keeper of the property who guided us back into this 400 acres of dense forest and step hills. After arriving at the property we crossed a small pasture and headed onto a old logging road and after driving in about a half mile we stopped and was shown the place while the care keeper shot at what he said was a Bigfoot.
We walked in on foot to investigate the surrounding area as we were investigating Rodney and the care keeper found on a fence Reddish brown hair some measuring in length up to 10 inches long we immediately collected the hair samples and also at the spot we found a track way with prints measuring 17.5 inches we followed the track way to a ridge were we split up and I took the ridge while Rodney took the valley following a small creek. On the ridge I found several prints which were documented.
Rodney, while in the valley, came upon more prints which he documented, and, at this point, we got a very loud wood knock at which time Rodney responded back  after a few moments we received another sharp and clear knock in return. We remained in the area for another half hour and we did not have any other activity and decided to return to the vehicles and enter deeper into the property.
While navigating the old road the care keeper in the lead vehicle and us following behind was pointing at something running thru the underbrush  and run up the step hill we stopped and took positions at the bottom of the hill at one point all four of us noticed something standing on top of the hill swaying side to side now we could tell that it was bipedal and covered in hair then suddenly it disappeared.
At this point we headed out on foot and discovered a couple of prints  measuring 20 inches which was documented and more hair samples as we were in this area we heard several grunts and a couple of whoops after sitting in the area for around two and half hours we had activity on the hill opposite of our location. after a while the activity ceased and we decided to pack up and head out .
The area is so dense and large that we will be returning several more times and planning a overnight
investigation on labor day weekend if all works well. we will be taking rest of the team in with us on our next investigation next weekend depending on the weather.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Boone County Kentucky sighting (Second Witness )

On August the 12, 2014 I posted a report that happened on July 16 ,2013 In Boone County KY.  Later that evening the second witness contacted me .And this is what was relayed to me in their own words.
Now the witness asked to be kept anonymous, and I will respect her wishes.

 Boone County Kentucky sighting (Second Witness ) July 16 2013

I am the other witness regarding the sighting you were contacted about earlier in Boone County. I just wanted to say I had never believed in Bigfoot but living on a farm we certainly hear our share of strange things at night but never once considered it could be anything other than a wild animal, but my husband and I decided to take my sister out for a night of gambling because she was recovering from cancer surgery so we drove her to Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg In. When we left the casino and crossed the bridge into Kentucky we were in my husbands new truck. He was driving and I was up front in the passenger seat and she was in the back. It was dark and she has always believed but me not so much. I began to notice this very large figure up the road and what brought it to my attention was its size and it appeared to agitated. It was standing right under as street light and had walked down to the interstate out of what I think were pine trees. As we got closer we were doing about 70 miles a hour and to the left of this three lane highway there were men working so they had lots of bright lights on. It seemed to me that when it came out of the trees it was shocked at all the lights and commotion going on and could not decide which way to go. I will admit I didn't bring it to anyone's attention because I was rendered simply speechless not believing what I was looking at but I did get a good look at it. Its hair appeared to be reddish and if you have ever owned a red or brown dog it appeared somewhat sun-bleached on its back and it was about 6 inches in length. It appears to me that most that people see are black this one was not. I said to them after we passed it and I could finally form a sentence "What the hell was that?" and her reply was I know what I saw but I am not going to say because you all tease me so much and I was so relieved when she said it looked like Bigfoot to me. I immediately called my older sister who usually goes with us and said guess what we just seen Bigfoot and she said what are you all drinking??? neither of us hardly ever drink. So long story short my husband absolutely didn't believe but he does now, even though he was driving I just wish I could have mustered the strength to say early on "what is that" It was like watching a train wreck you just are speechless at the magnitude of what you are looking at and thank God we did not have any car trouble or a flat I would probably have died with a heart attack. Just wanted to touch base with you say I back up her story because its 100% true.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Boone County Kentucky sighting

Today’s date August, 12, 2014

Date of encounter or sighting July 16, 2013

Name:  Confidential data on file 

Contact information Confidential data on file

location of sighting/encounter Ronald Reagan Parkway.  Very close to the Cincinnati Airport in Boone County Kentucky.

What time of day did encounter / sighting take place
9.50 P.M.

What was the weather conditions Hot

please explain your encounter/sighting with as much detail such as sounds smells and the duration on event.

  There were three of us in the truck coming across the bridge from Lawrenceburg, In to Boone Co Kentucky on Ronald Reagan Parkway and as we got closer to the Cincinnati Airport, I was in the back seat and I noticed something was up ahead waving its arms back and forth on the right side of the road, ahead of us.  This peaked my curiosity so I unbuckled my seat belt and moved to the middle so I could get a better look.  At this time I noticed my sister had her eyes trained on this figure as well.  As we approached I saw a huge at least 9'tall bipedal Bigfoot.  It had reddish brown hair with what looked like sun bleached in some parts of its hair. It was standing right under a street light and beside a medal electrical junction box. This box came about to its knees. Massive broad shoulders and a cone shaped head. Long arms longer than its knees. No mistaking what it was.  As our truck lights shined upon it, it seemed to become agitated as to not know where to go. Then he turned his head away from us and started to walk up an embankment. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  It was massive and very overwhelming. I could see that the hair was longer up around its shoulders. It shocked me so bad that neither one of us said a word until we got further down the road and my sister said did you see that and I said yelp.  She said what did you see and I said not telling and she said you better tell me. I said so you saw that Bigfoot to and she said yes.  Then we ask the driver if he saw it to and he didn't. I have always kept an open mind when it came to Bigfoot, so I have always believed it was possible, however when I actually seen it, it was so overwhelming that I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was massive and could have bench pressed our truck easily. Now I am a firm believer and not trying to convince anyone of its existence.  It’s just something you have to experience for yourself. However this experience has changed the way I go out after dark and when I'm inside I keep the curtains drawn at night. This experience has changed my life. The next morning I called the Boone Co police dept to make a report and they ask me did I have proof or any pictures and I said no, that it was a drive by sighting and they hung up on me.

Were there any witness Yes -
Confidential data on file.

Do I have permission to keep your experience for future reference and possible publication yes

Would you like me to conduct a investigation? No

If you answered yes to the previous question, would you like me to keep your name and contact information confidential/anonymous Please keep our information confidential.


Boone county KY,  Has it shares of sightings and encounters of a Bigfoot like creature .   The witness contacted the local authority's and was hung up on this is typical in some locations. The cause and effect being people refuse to report something they saw due to the fact that they are put off by local authority's as crazy or someone trying to get some attention. This here is not the case you can clearly see it was life changing experience how the witness goes out after dark and keeping the  curtains drawn at night. So yes indeed I believe that the witness saw something that night.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trimble Investigation

Brent and Thom.Possible bigfoot shelter found by Thom.

Charlie Raymond added 2 new photos to the album Trimble Investigation by Thomas Shay and Charlie Raymond.
Went squatchin' until 4am. It was a warm, humid evening. The full moon seems to always deter the bigfoots from approaching. It's been my experience and belief ...that a full moon provides too much light, thus not providing the dark cover needed for a bigfoot to sneak up close. The only excitement was a nasty electric fence which took Thom down. Note to self: next time when a friend gets his leg tangled in an electric fence, don't try to help! Ouch


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I had a face-to-face encounter a with Bigfoot in the summer of 1992 in Hanover, IN.

Today's Date : August 5 2014

Date of encounter /sighting : Summer of 1992

Name : Confidential Name on file.

Contact Information : Confidential Information on file.

Location of encounter/ sighting : Hanover, Indiana.

Time of  Encounter/Sighting : 12:00 A.M.

had a face-to-face encounter a with Bigfoot in the summer of 1992 in Hanover, IN.

About 5 miles up river from there. Closer to Madison Indiana we were at a place on Campus called "The Point" that looks out over the River.
The creature was BIG but the thing I remember was the width of the shoulders & the arms being long & swaying back & forth. We were elevated on the side of hill and creature was 50 ft away. It looked at us and I could see eyes, outline of face & ears. It was around 12am. Lighting was poor. We heard the creature walking up the hill, I believe it's called Hanover Hill, but I thought the sounds were that of a deer. It stood there looking at us for a few seconds. I stood up and said, "What do u want?" and it turned and walked back down the hill towards the river. We ran and flagged down a Campus Cop, told him our story and he asked us if we were drunk and did little else. This was before Finding Bigfoot & Social Media. No way would someone make a costume and walk up that hill and go back down. I would've scared someone if I were in a suit. That Summer I had worked for HC building a Nature Trail in that area. Saw deer but never looked for Bigfoot. Was it a Bear? Perhaps. If it wasn't then it HAD to be Bigfoot. I didn't go back the next day and look for anything. The color of hair was brown and a weight guesstimation would be 500 lbs but I only saw it from waist up. The encounter bothers me to this day because we were a few seconds away from being a Snack. The encounter changed my life in that I started to believe in Bigfoot. I'm an Administrator for a Home Health Care Company. I lived in Jefferson County, IN from 1990-1994. Love the Area & remember locals talking about Bigfoot/Crazy Things IE Ghosts etc in the surrounding area. I'm not surprised there are so many sightings ...I saw it there too! I've sent multiple reports to B.F.R.O but have heard nothing  Thanks.
Follow up:
Several reports have been documented in the area three this year reported to us here at N.K.B.R.G.

The report was never filed by campus police as well as several other witness's reported strange occurrence's. in the 1980's and 1990's. In the 1950's A creature terrorized the area described as a Bigfoot like creature. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Trimble County Report August 3 2014.

Today's date- August 3 2014
Date of encounter or sighting - August 3 2014
Name - confidential on file.
Contact information - confidential on file.
E- Mail - confidential on file.
Location of sighting or encounter -  Trimble and Carroll county KY  line.
What time of day or night did the encounter occur - 10:20 pm 10:30 pm.
What was the weather conditions - Clear night with The moon phase Waxing Gibbous.
Please explain your encounter/sighting in as much detail.-

  My daughter and I saw something very strange on 42 before the Trimble co. Line around 1020-1030 tonight
  Very tall, hunched back. 25-30 foot from the road. There is a 300 foot open area on the right hand side. It looked as if it was walking on its tip toes. Very very broad shoulders I've never ever seen anything like that before. A tad freaked out.
Taller than me. I'm 6 foot. Hard to tell not much to frame it against.
I lived in Carrollton my whole life, ran the woods near sanders growing up. Heard some weird stuff, never ever seen anything like this.
It had a strange gait.
I will be talking with the witness further of the incident and after receiving this report I headed to the location and sat and listen and panned with night vision and was unable to pick up any thing. Today August 4 2014 I will return to the area and investigate further for evidence after talking with the witness.  
Just finished taking with the witness and he retold me of his sighting except that when he saw our logo the witness stated that the figure looked almost like the figure on our logo.