Sunday, September 16, 2018

Next to our Bigfoot decoy

This is what was caught on the trail cam next to the decoy, Don't mind the dates there not right. but did fixed it to right date and time. This is in our research area

September 16 2018 Trimble county KY

September 16 2018 Trimble county KY
Date of sighting September 15 2018
Time 6:50am
Name of witness and location of sighting on file.

Witness stated that on September 15,2018 at 6:50 am while on his way to work observed a 6 foot reddish brown creature covered in long hair  which appeared to be climbing the embankment of the road side. The witness stated that a vehicle which was traveling in the opposite lane flashed its lights and the creature turned and ran off in the opposite direction. I believe the witness to be sincere to what he told me.

Follow up
Immediately after speaking with the witness I traveled to the site and investigated the area looking for any evidence except the grass was to tall and thick but did find where something large had disturbed the grass upon following the disturbance I came to a barbed wire fence while looking over the fence for any sign off evidence saw what appeared to be large prints. I did not cross the fence due to not having permission to enter the property but did contact the property owner and did get permission to enter the area on Monday September 17 2018. Then we reconstructed the sighting in the exact spot of the sighting and have determined that the creature was around 7 foot tall. more time in the area is needed to investigate.   

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Here is the decoy in our research area

August 7th 2018

On August 7th at approximately 10:11 pm,  I was contacted by a acquaintance that stated while  he was driving on Milton Bedford Pike he observed a the vehicle some distance in front of him stop and suddenly back up as he approached he could see with his headlights what appeared to be something large standing along side the road and the vehicle which had stopped and backed up. He thinks the occupants might have seen what it was before speeding off.
 At 10:20 pm I posted on my Facebook site Asking for anyone driving down Milton Bedford pike  at 10:00 pm, and saw something standing on the side of the road contact me. Thursday afternoon August the 9th I was contacted by an individual who asked if I was the gentleman asking about seeing something on the side of the road.
The Individual stated that while driving east on Milton Bedford Pike when she saw a figure standing on the side of the road as she passed. she then backed up to see if whoever it was might be in trouble.
After backing up she then seen what it was, she told me it looked like a monster she described it as very tall and the hair appeared oily and messed up. at which time she sped away, she stated to me that she was terrified at what she saw and at this time asked to stop the interview .
This was all I could get out of the interview.
Follow up;
On Friday August 10th 2018, I visited the location and conducted a thorough investigation and found possible partial prints which where casted and documented.

Friday, July 20, 2018

great places to see

If you want see some of our casting evidence they are on display at the 
International Paranormal Museum and Research Center in  Somerset, Kentucky, and Expedition: Bigfoot in Cherry Log, Georgia. Great places to take the family to see other great evidence collected by some great Researchers from around the country.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bigfoot and logging

As a researcher, One of the most asked question is what is gonna happen when they start logging in my area of research. My answer is mostly speculation due to the fact that no one has ever really studied what happens.
Three years ago, they began a four month logging spree in one of my active areas of research. I wanted to observed what effects logging would have on a active area. This is an area where I had a couple of face to face encounters. I casted several prints, and on one occasion , during the night, Rodney and I where bluff charged.
At the beginning of the logging operation , activity at night increased - Loud vocals, tree knocks, etc. Every week I observed the forest slowly opening up. The loud noises of the chainsaws and heavy equipment echoed during the day and at night the activity stopped. No vocals, No wildlife.
On occasion I would walk among the fallen timbers and debris not finding any evidence.
After the fourth month, All the mighty timbers had fallen and the area was cleared out by bulldozer.
Every week for the last two years I went back and observed the area. Eventually the forest began to retake what was destroyed by man, with new vegetation and slowly the wildlife began to return. Still, no bigfoot activity.
Weeks went by, and I continued to go back to the area to observed and listen. Two weeks ago, there was a distant knock, and later the evening a faint vocal in the distance.
So after observing an area for almost three years, the activity is slowly returning. Not at the exact area, but in the vincenty. Maybe in a few more years these creatures will return to the exact area. Who knows? I'll keep observing this area and continue to document everything that happens.
So to answer the question, These creatures seem to return to areas of activity even after man places his destructive mark on the land. It may take a few years.
Part of researching is finding answers to these questions. We need to stop trying to chase it down and study its habits and habitat to understand why it frequents this one area.
T Shay        

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

June 22 2018

On June 22 2018. around 6:30 pm I was contacted by an individual concerning a sighting, and we arranged to meet at 7:45 pm at which time I was informed that the sighting took place around 6:00 pm that same day. The witness described seeing a six and a half to seven foot grayish creature just off the road , walking adjacent to the wood line then disappearing into the woods.
The witness took me to where the sighting took place. As he was describing the details of the sighting. We both caught sight of the creature the witness had initially seen. It then disappeared into the woods. We conducted lengthy search , we were unable to locate any evidence due to the undergrowth and foliage being too thick.
Later on June 25th, Rodney and I join our videographer Chris Scott to examine our research area which happens to be close to the sighting from June 22nd. on the night of June 25th, we experienced several objects being thrown at us. We also heard and recorded a vocal. We remained in the area until our equipment batteries lost power.
A four day and 3 night investigation is planed this July 5th thru July 8th with assistance from other researchers to increase chances for success in evidence gatherings in this area.      

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