Monday, June 10, 2019

The Red Eye Balloon Monster of Trimble county KY

Settle in folks, for the story of the Red Eye Balloon Monster of Trimble county KY.
Let me tell you what happen to me and my wife this morning 06/10/19. At 4:30 am My wife and I left our home in route to her Dialysis appointment. We made our way on Palmyra Rd aka. Kings ridge It was extremely dark this morning with the cloud cover and light rain, We had just drove 3.5 miles and just before the Union Grove Church my wife and I saw what appeared to a set of red glowing eyes moving quickly down the embankment towards the road as soon as it reach the pavement it appeared to drop down as to all fours. By this time I had slowed the car down to almost a stop.
Then I told my wife I got to see what this is, as I crept the car slowly towards what appeared to be a set of red eyes on the road My wife yelled don't you open that door so I rolled the window down and moved along side it and to my amazement it was a reddish colored foil balloon, and what appeared to be red glowing eyes was the reflection on my cars headlights. We both laugh and continued on our way.
This is a good example of the mind playing tricks on you. seeing something that was totally something else. So sometimes you need to stop and investigate to make sure what you are seeing is real

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Road crossings

I've been asked why do Bigfoot road crossings occur? A animals in the wild are unpredictable. They are easily panicked and frightened by automobiles.
Daytime and Nocturnal animals congregate  at night next to county roads. Usually the grass is greener and in abundance, Also drainage ditches next to county roads hold water for drinking. In the winter or when the temperature at night , animals begin to move to adjacent forest tracks. After large storms they will move out of flooded areas.
Deer have a perfect peripheral vision, there vision covers a 310 degree arc, Humans have a visual field with a 120 degree arc. In other words, you can sneak up on a human from behind without being seen. As with a deer you would not be able to sneak up from behind, due to animals having their eyes on the side of there heads not in front.
Deer have more photoreceptors in their retina, or super night vision, It also makes them freeze in the road when they directly into oncoming headlights. In fact, They are literally blind. Some animals run onto the road due to hearing another's mating call. Bigfoots are thought to have perfect night vision, but do not freeze at oncoming lights.
being a primate or a cousin of humans, their visual field match ours with a 120 degree arc.
They have no natural predators, They don't seem to fear automobiles. Another theory is that perhaps one induvial of a group is crossing the road to cause a diversion so the other can make for safety, They may learned that since they are bipedal, Their outline makes them appear more human in shape and somehow knowing that humans will swerve or brake to keep from hitting them. In short I don't believe its a challenge or bluff charge at the automobiles. I believe that there is a abundance of food along these roads, they feed and are more fearless, so they just step out onto the road. I'm not really certain why they do it, but have you ever been busy working or looking at your cell phone and stepped out onto the road at one time or the other, and suddenly jump back or ran to get out of the way.
I know I have.      

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Smithfield KY, Sighting 04/24/2019

This morning, 04/24/2019. I received a report via email of a sighting at 04:30 AM,  In Northern Henry county KY.  The Email read "Mr. Shay." This morning at around 4:30 AM. I was driving north on Lake Jericho rd. I spotted thing crossing the road. I had to swerve to keep from hitting it. Can you contact me.
The witness did included a phone number, in the email. T talked with the witness at 11:48 am by phone. He described what had happen to him. The witness stated that as he was driving into work this morning at around 4:30AM on Lake Jericho rd., which is Hwy 153 heading north, he came upon this large creature that stepped out unto the road. The witness swerved to keep from hitting it, he described the animal walking upright, covered in hair, and appeared to be around 61/2 to 7 foot in height. He stated that he stopped and watched the animal disappear into a section of woods on the other side of the road. The sighting occurred on Lake Jericho rd. about a 1/2 mile south of stuckers lane.
When I arrived at the area, I did find the area where the witness did swerved and brake on the road. I wasn't able to find tracks or evidence.
After speaking with the witness my opinion is that he was being truthful and did witness something. The area has had many reports of sighting over the years.

Thomas Shay  

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Misidentification Bigfoot

The last few days I've been conducting a investigation on a possible white bigfoot sighting here in Trimble county. Another researcher jumped the gun on reporting on this possible sighting by reporting  third hand information before investigating with the witness and the site. Some of the information that was reported was totally bogus and a fantasy in the mind of the researcher in my opinion.
I investigated and meet with the witness on site what the witness stated that it happen over a month ago not recently as I was informed and it was around 2:30 in the morning him and a buddy was drinking and the buddy went out outside and saw a white thing coming up the drive he then went back in and got the him and said come and look at this. the witness then stated that by the time he went to the door the creature was already back down the drive way, the witness stated it was on all fours and appeared to be about four feet in height he judged the height by brush that the creature moved next to, He then went back in and retrieved his rifle and shot into the air then it took off staying on all fours. Then the witness stated that large rocks started appearing on his property.
After talking to the witness I conducted an investigation What I'm seeing is that it was late and alcohol impaired what was seen. The house was on a hill and the drive way slopes down the hill and the site the witness seen what he thought was a creature wasn't as tall as he thought standing at the site where he saw the creature anything would appear larger and he dose have 3 large dogs and goats run lose on the property what I believe is he saw one of his goats in the dimly lit area and as for the large rocks which are the size of softballs the dogs are large and large dogs sometimes will pick up large rock in there mouths and carry them around I came to this conclusion due to the rocks where found in places that is it was a ball would be dropped as a dog would drop after losing interest. With the alcohol being involved and the time of sighting was late it was just a misidentification.

Monday, April 8, 2019

The KBRO 2019 spring expedition

This past weekend I was asked to participate and speak at the KBRO spring expedition. These expeditions are hosted by Charlie and Dana Raymond, and if you ever get to meet these two, you will find out why I treasure their friendship. When I arrived, I met quite a few people--40 plus to be exact--these people came from all over Kentucky, as well as other states. As I watched this group, I noticed an unbreakable bond amongst the members. I sat down and started writing the names of everyone and how they interacted among each other in my journal.  The group members went out each night, collected evidence and stories, and eagerly shared them with others when they returned. Each member gave the others their undivided attention, as though they were in church, listening to the most important sermon of their lives. As I wrote about these people, I found myself proud to be among them.  John Gregory Jurasevich , Dana Raymond, and Steve Cornell made sure that we had a hot breakfast and supper. Charlie made sure everyone was enjoying themselves and generally being a remarkable host, while the speaker--Don Neal and Marc Dewerth--unloaded their knowledge on everyone. The lessons the bigfoot community should take from this group include the share of information, the kindness and respect that each one of these individuals showed, and the zeal with which they pursue their quest for evidence and knowledge of bigfoot.  Unfortunately, all things come to an end, and it was time to end this fantastic journey. I will always regard this expedition as one of the most memorable I've ever attended.

Thank you Charlie and Dana Raymond and the KBRO family for allowing me to participate in your expedition.

Thomas Shay
Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group.    


NKBRG Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group


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