Friday, February 16, 2018

Checking trail cams

02/15/2018 Charlie Raymond and myself went out to my research site to check his trail cam. all the apples except two where gone. also we set up another gifting site with 3 candy bars (3 musketeer bars) can't go wrong with that, plus placed a small squeaky toy in the same area. also in the area we found what may appear to be prints.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Jump Rope @ Hoops For Heart!

This is not Bigfoot related, But its for a good cause

Check out my page to learn why I'm participating in Jump Rope & Hoops For Heart!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cliff Barackman Bigfoot Expedition museum in Georgia

Shelia and TJ , Two great researchers and friends sent this to me.
Thomas Shay, on Saturday we were able to attend the Bigfoot Expedition museum in Georgia. Cliff Barackman did an excellent presentation on the anatomy and physiology of Bigfoot hands. We were excited to hear Cliff share the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group's casts and research.

Bigfoot and Guns

I often here things like "Why do you pack a firearm in the woods? Bigfoot is a gentle creature. Why would you want to shoot him?" It makes me wonder about people. They assume the only reason I carry a firearm is to shoot a creature whom I likely wont see - that a majority of the population is either on -the -fence about or just don't believe he exist.
It couldn't possibly be because of coyotes who have attacked humans and are currently in mating season, It couldn't possibly be because of bears or big cats, which seem to be popping up more and more on trail cams in the area. No, these proven animals that can and will harm humans or pets are not the reason. I just don't understand people , I hear so many times, " I don't need a gun in the woods" In insinuating that it makes them more of a man or outdoorsman than I am. I'd love to see these people wrestle a bear or fight off a pack of coyotes. Then I want to see the  go-fund-me your family posts because you were injured or killed because of stupidity.
There are also other people in the woods too. But  none of them have ever been violent.
Strange guy in the woods-- sure, Invite him to dinner, Bring the kids, Fun to be had by all!
"Rant over "

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Angry Tom

I have something to say, and I know I will offend some people' I don't care, because it seems they don't care to offend me or my team. I am sick and tired of people criticizing the evidence that myself and the team put out when they have never done anything of their own.
They have never spent multiple nights and days in the field, never gotten dirty or suffered in the bitter cold or sweltering heat or been drenched in the rain trying to do actual research.
Collecting stories and reading about the subject dose not make you a field researcher that is only a small part, anecdotal evidence is a start, but you learn nothing without some work on your own.
Commenting your opinions where you have no actual of your own to base your opinion dose not make you an expert, for there are no experts just a lot of us with years of experience and even we are still learning.
Any time someone criticizes our work I always look at what they have done. Most of the time I am embarrassed for them because they have nothing. I pity them because criticizing others is the only way they can validate themselves is by criticizing others.
So please, if you have never done any actual field work, keep your uninformed opinions to yourselves and stop embarrassing yourselves.
We all look at your "WORK" in the field, and we are laughing at you "EXPERT" opinion.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

January 25 2018

Yesterday I had  conversations with two separate people via phone in which both calls last over two hours. One wittness told of being chase by what he thinks is a bigfoot around Madison Indiana during the seventys and in 2004 at his place of empolyment in the Jefferson proving grounds he and another coworker was harassed by something huge late at night on several occasions. more details in the report. Second wittness reported that on January 19 2018 during the early afternoon on Ind 250 between Belleview and Canaan Indiana withness three large man like things covered in hair moving along a creek. I will be meeting with the witness at location today

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The "X" structure

Many times,We have come upon large "X" structures in the woods.
These structures we usually identify with Bigfoot.
What the "X" represents we don't know. Sure, there's been speculation as to the meaning of the "X" in the Bigfoot world, Boundary markers ,warning markers are the usually the go to response.
I would like to point out, and this is my own opinion, That the ancient native Americans used crossed arrows as a symbol of friendship, and I think it may be a possible explanation.
Perhaps Bigfoot adopted the practice from the native Americans as a result of their interactions.
Bigfoot could have borrowed the practice, and used large trees, crossing them in the shape of the "X" which mimics the crossed arrows.
Perhaps they are communicating with us that they want friendship when we enter their domain.
Perhaps they are trying to coexist with us in the same world.
As I stated earlier, this is only one possibility.
However keep in mind the next time you are walking in the woods and come along a "X" structure, It might be a sign of friendship.