Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Dear Mr. Thomas Shay

I received this morning from a local resident.

Hey Tom.  We have lived on our property for 11 years. Before I lived here I was the biggest skeptic about things like Bigfoot. Over the years I have had many weird things happen here. It would take to long to explain them in this message but I will say that if your team is interested in coming to our property sometime and looking around you may be able to find some things that interest you. My neighbor recently past away but when I first met him he told me stories of weird things that he couldn’t explain happening on my property but I just blew it off until I started experiencing similar things. I have also had a couple guys from work deer hunt on my property and 1 of them got ran out of the woods from something screaming and throwing things at him and he said he wasn’t gonna hunt here anymore and has never been back. Let me know if you would be interested in stopping by sometime. You are welcome to look around anytime but I would also enjoy accompanying you sometime! I will tell you of one time that I was back shooting a target pistol with my daughter when an enormous howl came from down in the woods so loud my daughter stopped shooting. It was the loudest yell I have ever heard and my daughter looked at me and said “that was scary, that sounded like a really mad Chewbacca!” We stopped shooting because I assumed that’s why it was yelling and headed to the house! Let me know. I would love to get some answers.
I will be contacting the resident and conducting a complete investigation

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Nutella cast on exhibit

It's a great honor to have a copy of my nutella cast on Exhibit at the expedition bigfoot museum in Cherry Log, Georgia.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

03/11/2018 Working with frequencies

Today 03/11/2018 I implemented some new research techniques first I placed a audio recorders in a plastic container with a small hole in the bottom for the Mic to exit. Then I taped the container to a tree. I'll let it run for a few days, and the we will see what the recorder picks up.
The next thing I did was conduct some test with sound frequencies, as I tried several frequencies,  I came upon frequency  (32.7Hz) and I received 3 knocks. I then turned off  the frequency emitter and wait a few minutes. I tried the same frequency again. I received another 3 knocks, and this was all captured on the audio recorder.
My theory is that these creatures responded to this frequency because it is a tone they recognize and likely use for communication. This frequency is to low to really detect, but you still get an uneasy feelings. ( Think chills, the feeling or your hair standing on the back of your neck, etc.) I've gotten that same bodily response many times in the woods, so it is possible that we may be " hearing"  them communicate, but unfortunately only our bodies ( that uneasy feeling, etc.) can pick it up.
Wouldn't that be an amazing leap forward if we can prove it. A whole new world of Squatching.
I will be designing and conducting experiments to support
this theory moving forward!   

Saturday, March 3, 2018


Today I decided to explore my area of research and investigate. Upon arriving I started down the trail to where we usually set our basecamp. As I approached the first creek, there is a rock that is balanced on a log.
A few months back, we placed a turtle shell and a feather which had not been disturbed until today.
I noticed that the turtle shell and feather was missing and in there place was two more rocks stacked on the other rocks . I searched the area for the turtle shell and wasn't able to find it.
 I moved on down the trail just above the second creek the trail was blocked by a wooden structure in the form of a "X" with a log intersecting the middle . I documented and photographed the area and just passed the structure was also a clear track way which was also documented.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I made my way to base camp and found that one of our squeaky toys previously secured by                                                        
 nylon rope in a small tree, was on the ground. A flat rock where Charlie Raymond placed three small candy bars, was shoved into the ground standing upright.
 I began documenting and photographing everything and this is when things get real. A large piece of wood came flying into the area at first I was thinking that it was dead fall from one of the trees until another piece of wood came in and missing me by about four feet. I decided to slowly back out and head out by way of the trail.
About half way out something let out a scream that made my hair stand on end. After exiting the area I contacted some of the members of the team about what had just happen and planning on going back into the area tomorrow.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Old secrets

I get many phone calls and emails from people telling me of their experiences.
Everything is documented, though some never get posted. Today I was looking over my files, and I came across this particular story that has always intrigued me.
In July 2014, Rodney and I were conducting some research in one of our areas I received a phone call on my cell phone, and when I answered, on the other end a gentleman asked if I was Mr. Shay. I said yes, and after the pleasantries , He said the reason he was calling is that he lived in Kentucky during the late seventy's and early eighty's. He said his sister came to visit, and during her visit, told him a story that he didn't think much about at the time.
His sister was a live in nurse for a wealthy elderly lady in Tennessee.  His sister said that one day while caring for the elderly lady they where talking about bigfoot on a talk show on TV.
The elderly lady grasped her hand and looked at his sister and said that she had to tell someone of a incident that happen to her family when she was a little girl in North Carolina in the 1930's.
The elderly lady went on to tell his sister that there was a large gathering at her family's farm where a large posse of men had ridden up to the barn with guns and torches. They were told that they had been chasing a large hairy monster, and it had run into there barn. The posse fired their guns into the barn killing the monster. The posse then went into the barn and emerged with the severed head of the monster, and hung it on a nail on the barn. Shortly after the barn burned down along with the body and head. The family were told not to speak of it again and the elderly lady kept this secret until she revealed it to his sister.
His sister told this to the gentleman I was talking to and he believes she was being truthful. The elderly lady has passed and his sister to. After seeing me on TV, he thought I would tell the story and pass it on.
We exchanged good byes and thank you's and he hung up, after a few months later I found out that this gentleman is a prominent figure in Boston Massachusetts.
I believe he is sincere in telling me this story and genuinely believes what his sister told him, I have no reason to doubt him.  

Friday, February 16, 2018

Checking trail cams

02/15/2018 Charlie Raymond and myself went out to my research site to check his trail cam. all the apples except two where gone. also we set up another gifting site with 3 candy bars (3 musketeer bars) can't go wrong with that, plus placed a small squeaky toy in the same area. also in the area we found what may appear to be prints.